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03/16/18 12:03am
On Wednesday morning, director of the Wistar Institute Dario Altieri sent out an email saying he would walk out 'for personal reasons.' Over a hundred of his employees joined him. 
02/25/18 9:47pm
Penn has granted 1,740 honorary degrees since 1757. Only 164 of these degrees — 9.43 percent — have been awarded to women. Today, this is changing. 
02/22/18 1:45pm
At noon today, students with umbrellas flanked both sides of Locust Walk holding up white paper signs, each with the date, location, and number of deaths from a mass shooting. 
02/21/18 7:34pm
GET-UP’s decision is the latest in a string of similar moves at other colleges, where unionizing efforts have stalled due to fear that a GOP majority will soon take over the NLRB board and dismantle the Columbia precedent.
02/20/18 11:43pm
The GSE students also asked Penn faculty to sign a statement of support for the week of action and encouraged professors to incorporate Black Lives Matter principles into their coursework for that week.
02/20/18 2:10pm
In Young Lee, a first-year medical PhD student, visited the Taco Bell on Saturday night and noticed that one of the cashiers had used a racial slur to describe him on his food receipt. 
02/17/18 5:49pm
The law students who filed the comment are part of the Environmental Law Project, one of 27 pro bono groups at Penn Law School.
01/31/18 6:40pm
“You have people doing very large amounts of work but making what amounts in many cases to poverty level wages. They’re one emergency away from not being able to continue with work, not being able to pay their bills, being potentially evicted.” 
01/29/18 8:00am
Since Trump assumed office, Tran said that the number of challenges to visa requests from the government has significantly increased and has made a difficult system even worse.
01/24/18 8:58pm
A petition was circulated in September about Penn's practices regarding victims of sexual harassment in Penn's graduate schools. Student leaders claim that unionization will help address these issues.
01/17/18 2:42am
Javice said her startup has saved an average of $7,000 in tuition for each student who has used the service. Since its launch, Frank has worked with over 200,000 families, according to the website.
12/10/17 7:33pm
The book contains five sections including brunch, dinner party, and picnic. Each section includes a forward written by a Penn graduate currently working in the food industry. 
11/27/17 7:14pm
Police told Fox News that the woman walked into the bank with her walker and pulled out a revolver before demanding $400 from employees. 
11/15/17 2:37pm
Penn's on-campus market Gourmet Grocer began stocking products from the student-run company "Ninth Street Jerky" on Nov. 12. 
11/09/17 12:00am
Brown has helped victims of natural disasters multiple times in the past, including after Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. 
10/28/17 3:21pm
The forum was held at the Civic House on Oct. 25 amid other initiatives to talk about mental health at Penn, including a University-wide survey and "campus conversation."
10/16/17 11:25pm
Researchers with the Perelman School of Medicine were granted $6.4 million to create an ALACRITY Center to further mental health research. 
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