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Morgan Jones | Ending excuses

The fact that we can dismiss people, relationships and interactions we’re not proud of after four years doesn’t mean that those actions don’t define our character.

Morgan Jones | Let’s get naked

When I came to Penn, I brought that superhero mindset with me. If anyone asked me how I was doing, I’d answer, “Good!” It’s easy to give that automatic response and move on — I mean, is Superman ever not good?

(Sky)diving into it

In elementary school, I made an unhealthy amount of lists. I was, to say the least, the opposite of an impulsive child. Earlier this week, however, I jumped out of a plane.

Morgan Jones | ‘Alessgo’ to Girl Talk

Is Fling more about the music or coming together as a school? As far as I know, this is the first time students are actively and publicly organizing themselves to separate the concert from Fling.

Morgan Jones | Problematic policy

Access to the Quadrangle building access will be restricted during Fling. According to Penn, the administration is trying to “curb the threat of underage or irresponsible drinking” and reduce the number of hospitalizations. I don’t think the new policy will be effective. In fact, I think it may have the opposite effect.

Morgan Jones | The internet giveth, and it taketh away

On July 1, 2013, Google will be discontinuing Google Reader, a RSS feed that displays all your news sources, blogs and sites of personal interest in one place. This instance does, however, point to one glaring fact that we internet users like to forget: everything we store on the internet is under the control of someone else, and we don’t have much of a say if that controller decides to take it all away.

Morgan Jones | The city of brotherly brew

We — Philadelphia — have everything. Well, almost everything. But you know what we don’t have? A weekly pub run. And do you know what would make Philadelphia an even greater city? A weekly pub run.

Morgan Jones | Don't keep walking

To many students, Locust Walk is just a means to get from one class to another. This, unfortunately, reflects an attitude found beyond the cobbled blocks of Locust: to many students, Penn is just a stepping stone between high school and the “real world.”

Morgan Jones | Name that identity

Pairing an identity with a name is not a new phenomenon, but now researchers have the data to recognize and support name trends with statistical analysis. So thanks for raising me, Mom and Dad, but you did most of the heavy lifting just by slapping a name on that birth certificate.

Morgan Jones | Captain Morgan on campus

Most of the time, the worst that comes of those extra shots is an embarrassing moment or an inside joke from another time at Smoke’s. Yet all too often, the results are on a much larger scale.

Morgan Jones | Bikram like Beckham

My exercise was limited to taking the stairs to my room in lieu of the elevator — and I live on the second floor. The weather had started to turn chilly and hot yoga didn’t sound so bad after all.

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