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10/15/17 7:13pm
Speech/Acts, the current exhibition at the ICA, features the work of artists inspired by black experimental poetry.
10/14/17 12:20am
 "People were sharing a lot; people were vulnerable, and most importantly, people were listening." 
10/11/17 6:53pm
In 2005, what started as a risque photo  turned into legal charges when a student shared a photo online of a couple having sex against a Rodin College House window. 
10/11/17 9:37pm
IFC President Bradley Freeman said the council has not been able to work on establishing the position because the semester has been "hectic" with "the task force and registered events."
10/01/17 6:55pm
“I think it’s great timing. It’s the start of midterm season, we’re in the height of OCR, we have a lot of stuff we can get out right here."
09/26/17 8:09pm
"When [people] don’t have access to menstrual products, then they can’t go to school, they can’t function properly at jobs, they feel overall embarrassed." 
09/23/17 2:47pm
Gutmann thinks Philadelphia's universities would provide "top talent, ideas and creativity" for the tech giant looking for a city to house its next headquarters. 
09/20/17 11:32pm
IFC leaders said they decided to publish the attendance rates for the first time this year in order to keep the different fraternities accountable for their participation. 
09/19/17 10:48pm
The first installment of Funny Fridays featured some “alternative comedy” in the form of video bits and a “less-than-conventional” stand-up set, organizers said. 
09/14/17 6:54pm
“When thinking of leaders, most people only focus on presidents or the top of the ladder. I think it’s good to recognize young people that can make a difference and are less static." 
09/13/17 7:56pm
"A lot of universities put a lot of time and effort into freshmen, onboarding them, getting them acclimated to campus. Juniors and seniors have a lot of attention … sophomores are kind of the class that’s left behind."
09/12/17 10:00am
College senior Andrea Klein said these fall events are an informal way to let students learn more about Greek life in a "low-pressure setting."
09/10/17 10:11pm
Winning projects included Sorty McSortface, a recycling and trash bin which automatically sorts waste and Todd: the inter-dimensional robot.
09/10/17 6:03pm
On the site, fraternities and sororities are given a number grade that classify it as an “upper,” “middle” or “lower tier” organization. 
08/29/17 12:29pm
An interactive timeline looking into when Penn's off-campus organizations were formed, and why. 
08/23/17 7:00am
“I think fraternities depend inherently on social hierarchy. It’s not like it’s intentional, it just happens. Fraternities overemphasize very conventional heteronormative masculinity.”
08/22/17 11:55am
The African Community Learning Program will allow children to explore their heritage through projects where they’ll investigate the culture of their homelands.
08/02/17 9:43pm
About half the students received full financial scholarships for the program made possible by 1962 College graduate and famous talk-show host Maury Povich. 
07/17/17 5:14pm
Raxx Vintage offers men’s and women’s clothing from the 1960s through the 1990s. Store manager Lauren Saslow said merchandise would be made a little more preppy to appeal to Penn students. 
07/17/17 4:55pm
Plans for the grant include: renovating exhibition spaces and Harrison Auditorium, as well as rethinking public programming. 
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