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12/11/17 8:30pm
Pottruck has phased out a discount offered to student performing arts groups to reserve rooms, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in cost of the rehearsal space.
12/11/17 7:55pm
Over the past year, Penn has appointed a new provost, College dean, LGBT Center director, and chief diversity officer.
12/11/17 12:28am
From Penn's dining hall policies to the Trump administration's appointment of key personnel,  students took to the internet to pen a variety of petitions this year. 
12/03/17 9:05pm
While the Panhellenic Council recently elected a successor to its first-ever vice president of diversity, the IFC has yet to introduce a diversity chair to its executive committee. 
11/26/17 8:06pm
In early November, College junior Chris Harrison and Wharton junior Michael Beavers affiliated with Phi Beta Sigma Inc. 
11/19/17 9:06pm
"[T]here's already a bit of tension between what the DA says he wants and what the police department say they want," said political science professor Marc Meredith. 
11/13/17 8:50pm
"Much of our day-to-day life is influenced by smaller elections," College sophomore Nicole Brigstock said. "Showing up to vote once every four years is not going to cut it." 
11/10/17 7:01pm
The IGC approved the first grant of this fund to host a discussion focused on the Mirabal Sisters, four historic feminist political figures from the Dominican Republic.
11/08/17 8:54pm
The Division of Public Safety and the Vice Provost for University Life have begun hosting hourlong sessions every Friday at 11 a.m. to address student concerns. 
10/31/17 9:25pm
Fossil Free Penn's weeklong series of events will culminate in a silent protest at a Board of Trustees meeting on Friday. 
10/30/17 9:20pm
"I think people came here looking for answers, and it kind of sounded like rhetorically-driven speech," College sophomore Grace Bridy said. 
10/30/17 12:26am
Penn's student body and administration have only seemed to start taking big, active strides towards improving mental wellness on campus in the past four to five years. 
10/24/17 11:00pm
"We sometimes partner with frats to do philanthropy things, but usually it’s rare to have two sororities come together for any kind of purpose," SK President Lindsay Stearns said.
10/20/17 9:14pm
Administrators said the high turnout was likely due to the timing of the clinic and a new, "eye-catching" advertising campaign. 
10/20/17 8:41pm
PennFems, which aims to provide a space for students to discuss issues surrounding feminism, was born out of a PAGE program for freshman. 
10/15/17 7:13pm
Speech/Acts, the current exhibition at the ICA, features the work of artists inspired by black experimental poetry.
10/14/17 12:20am
 "People were sharing a lot; people were vulnerable, and most importantly, people were listening." 
10/11/17 9:37pm
IFC President Bradley Freeman said the council has not been able to work on establishing the position because the semester has been "hectic" with "the task force and registered events."
10/11/17 6:53pm
In 2005, what started as a risque photo  turned into legal charges when a student shared a photo online of a couple having sex against a Rodin College House window. 
10/01/17 6:55pm
“I think it’s great timing. It’s the start of midterm season, we’re in the height of OCR, we have a lot of stuff we can get out right here."
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