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Marjorie Ferrone | Germany's four-letter word

Every country has a label. Some have been deliberately constructed by the homeland, while others have inadvertently grown out of a nation’s heritage.

Those who have been following the 2014 FIFA World Cup are familiar with Brazil’s icon: the “Christ the Redeemer” statue.

Marjorie Ferrone | The appeal of "the other"

Because of human interest in lineage, it follows that European Americans would gravitate towards Eurocentric societies. I agree with the sentiment that understanding one’s predecessors influences individual identity.

Marjorie Ferrone | Safe spaces for different races

Never before have I been so blatantly told by friends and peers — those same people who are victims of white dominance — that white is the standard of beauty and the image of power. This is depressing because the more it is said, the more it is believed. Before seeking out events that focus on this very issue, I never would have been so aware that the way I look holds such importance and dictates social opportunities.

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