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04/20/18 5:37pm
Earlier this month, 'Creed' star Michael B. Jordan and his co-stars, Sylvester Stallone, and Tessa Thompson were spotted in various locations across Philadelphia. 
03/13/18 6:48pm
The announcement came days after the launch of a petition calling on Penn Law's dean to take action against Wax for stating that black students have never graduated top of their class.
03/13/18 1:55pm
The email asked recipients to submit their 'ideas and suggestions' on how to improve Penn's policies around sexual harassment by Apr. 6, adding that comments would be kept confidential.  
03/01/18 7:12pm
Tuition will increase from $47,416 to $49,220, room and board from $15,066 to $15,616, and fees from $6,118 to $6,364, according to the resolution posed at Board of Trustee meeting today.
02/16/18 6:01pm
Wax alleges that Law School Dean Ted Ruger asked her 'to take a leave of absence next year and to cease teaching a mandatory first-year course.'
02/12/18 6:30pm
Graduate students received permission in December 2017 from the Philadelphia National Labor Relations Board to hold an election deciding whether or not they will form a union. 
02/04/18 7:32pm
To gauge reactions across campus and Philadelphia, The Daily Pennsylvanian dispatched reporters across the city to see how fans are responding. 
01/12/18 7:46pm
The Division of Public Safety's website described the suspect as a roughly 20-year-old thin, black man, donning an orange jacket. 
11/07/17 9:55pm
Krasner, who has no prior experience as a prosecutor, beat Republican Beth Grossman, a former Democrat and assistant district attorney. 
10/17/17 6:10pm
This event is the first of its kind that students have seen. It comes after four Penn students have died in the span of two months. 
08/14/17 6:20pm
More than two years after the suicide of former College junior Timothy Hamlett, his mother is suing Penn and his former track and field coach.
05/12/17 9:11pm
More than a dozen attendees of the 1967 class reunion and graduation ceremony will wear buttons calling upon Penn to “Denounce Trump."
04/25/17 10:03pm
“The Ethnic Studies field in History and Literature emphasizes histories of racial formations within and beyond the United States,” the department’s website states. Students entering this field will be required to take eight courses concentrating on ethnic studies. 
04/11/17 7:24pm
Local residents said they were worried that the closure could threaten the accessibility of groceries. One remarked, "It it's not broke, don't fix it." 
04/03/17 10:37pm
As of Fall 2016, Penn reported that 32.7 percent of the university faculty were female, 23.6 percent were minority and 7.9 percent were URM. These percentages represent a slow, but steady increase in hiring across these groups.
03/30/17 10:07pm
While the Penn Women’s Center currently provides free eco-friendly tampons, pads and liners, and Student Health Service also provides free menstrual products to students at the SHS offices, free access to these products are not available in on-campus bathrooms.
03/28/17 10:33pm
Nearly 200 faculty members at Penn have signed a recent petition denouncing President Trump’s budget proposal, specifically the proposed plan to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities.
03/21/17 3:10pm
President Amy Gutmann, Provost Vincent Price, Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli and Executive Vice President and Penn Med Dean Larry Jameson co-authored the statement. 
02/28/17 4:57pm
Recent research from Penn and the University of York found that drowsy teenagers are 4.5 times more likely to commit crimes before turning 29. 
02/26/17 6:45pm
Hikes, who completed her masters in social work at Penn in 2008, co-founded Stimulus Productions, a 'digital magazine' aiming to create a "more radical and intentional nightlife space" for the women of Philadelphia.
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