Articles by Lucy Hu

09/12/17 9:54pm
The College must offer less electives and instead use the space for more adequate development of each major.
09/08/17 5:37pm
Should Penn admissions change its policies regarding legacy students? If so, what should it do?
08/29/17 10:03pm
If we demanded that governmental attention be paid to small actions by businesses, we may just end up with a little less wastage and a little cleaner land.
02/20/17 11:19pm
Explanations for the mistakes can be ambiguous. According to Time, the universities cite reasons such as “technological glitch” in their “automated mail-merge process,” “human error” and “clerical error.”
11/29/16 3:58pm
The city of Philadelphia has allocated an additional $700,000 to support homeless youth.
11/16/16 1:35pm
Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey visits Penn to offer his support to students following the racist incidents of the past week.
11/01/16 4:18pm
University City is the most expensive place to rent in Philadelphia this fall.
10/25/16 3:41pm
The homes of Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey’s neighbors were vandalized with anti-Republican messages.
10/18/16 7:00pm
Donald Trump voiced his plans on tackling the costs of higher education at a rally in Columbus.
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