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01/08/18 8:37pm
The Penn Vet Working Dog Center and the Penn Museum are collaborating with a nonprofit dedicated to protecting cultural property to host a program called K-9 Artifact Finders.  
10/27/17 10:18pm
Penn Wellness said the group has been able to fund four times the number of initiatives compared to previous years because of greater awareness of the funding available. 
09/26/17 10:16pm
At ETH Zurich, eight counselors serve 20,000 students. At Penn, 45 clinical staff serve nearly 25,000 students. 
09/22/17 9:50am
CAPS Director Bill Alexander also said there is "conceptual" talk of a wellness center that combines all of CAPS services, along with Student Health Services and other resources. 
09/18/17 1:29am
CAPS has significantly expanded and diversified its resources in the past few years.
09/17/17 8:11pm
On-Campus recruiting started at the beginning of the semester but Career Services said they only received a list of exchange students on Sept. 15. 
09/11/17 3:00pm
"The whole purpose of a leave of absence is to put students on a path to success," said Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning Rob Nelson. 
09/03/17 6:24pm
Last semester, Fossil Free Penn wrote a document outlining their demands and promising that if action was not taken by September, they would return in full force. They weren't kidding. 
08/23/17 8:07pm
Mitchell, who has been critical of the Trump administration over various issues, said the center will not be influenced by political affiliations. 
08/21/17 11:33pm
NSO programming is practically a "science," organizers said. 
07/13/17 10:25pm
On Campus Recruiting, also known as OCR, refers to the period where companies send representatives to Penn's campus to interview students for post-graduate jobs and summer internships. 
04/19/17 3:42pm
“The Grayken gift will allow the Wharton Real Estate program to be a truly global program, and I think it will be,” Wharton professor Joeseph Gryouko said.
04/05/17 9:01pm
The week — called "FLI [first-generation low-income] is Fly" — aims to highlight issues that FGLI students face on Princeton's campus.
03/22/17 12:01am
Thompson spoke as part of the SPEC Connaissance & Film event in Irvine Auditorium on Tuesday
02/21/17 10:38pm
The overarching message of the presentation was that silence is the best course of action. The presentation included step-by-step instructions for police interaction.
12/07/16 11:50pm
Although New College House lacks over a century of history and tradition compared to the Quad, it is making an effort to establish the same tight-knit sense of community that other freshman dormitories on campus are known for.
12/01/16 3:42pm
According to the Harvard Crimson, on Wednesday evening Harvard students and Boston residents gathered outside of Harvard’s Institute of Politics denouncing the University for the scheduled speech of President Elect Trump’s controversial chief strategist Stephen K.
11/10/16 9:03pm
All proceeds of the event went to Career Wardrobe, a local non-profit whose mission is to give advice and professional wardrobe items to Philadelphia women re-entering the workforce.
11/10/16 3:34pm
All Yale student requests for Dean’s excuses due to the election were denied.
10/12/16 1:22am
With such a large team, Penn volleyball coach Kerry Carr made clear from day one that she does not guarantee time on the court, but can guarantee time on the bench. Carr has a team whose strength comes from each player’s ability to come into the game at any moment, a skill that is necessary with such a deep roster of twenty-three girls. This is why sophomore Julia Tulloh and freshmen Ariana Wiltjer and Zoe Macartney's ‘team-first’ mentality and fierce work ethic are so critical to their individual and collective success as a team. "Julia, Ariana and Zoe are three girls who epitomize what the whole chemistry of the team is like," Carr said. After coming in as a walk-on her freshman year, Tulloh’s incredible work ethic and positive attitude made her a unique asset to the team from day one.
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