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8 hours ago
All elective equine and camelid appointments at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, have been cancelled until further notice by the regional state veterinarian, a Penn Vet press release stated.
01/14/18 11:57pm
Carton Rogers will retire in June. He has worked in Penn Libraries since 1975, becoming the vice provost and director of libraries in 2004. In his role, he oversaw 18 separate University libraries. 
01/07/18 12:56am
A traffic alert was posted on the DPS website and Twitter account around the time of the incident, barring any traffic on Walnut Street between 30th and 34th streets. 
12/08/17 4:26pm
Five of the 14 students who have died from suicide at Penn since February 2013 have been graduate students. 
12/03/17 7:13pm
The group's second event of the semester follows Penn Women SPEAK's first dialogue on sexual harassment on campus and nationally.
11/13/17 11:36pm
"I also realized that money was important in health care if you did it right. So I came to a campus that was truly integrated in every way," said Mehmet Oz.
10/25/17 11:33pm
“Part of yoga is really a practice of yourself. It’s a way to empower individuals to see what works for them.”  
10/22/17 10:31pm
A hundred students from across Penn’s schools are selected through an application to attend the full-day conference that featured speaker events and networking opportunities.
10/16/17 11:58pm
Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of politics and global studies, tweeted in December last year, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide,” causing a viral uproar. 
10/11/17 8:32pm
Relief organizations struggle to help those trapped in rural areas in the interior of the island, since there is often little data on roadways, buildings and even entire towns. 
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