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Grad schools work on diversity

Administrators agree that while there is still much progress to be made, their efforts to increase the number of underrepresented minority graduate students across the University have been successful.

Until 2004, Penn Relays concert stole the show

The Spring Fling concert lineup is often the centerpiece of campus conversation, but back in 2004, students had another April concert to look forward to — Kanye West performing over Penn Relays weekend.

Fresh Grocer apologizes for misplaced text on ad

The Fresh Grocer’s celebration of Black History Month may have backfired. During the month of February, The Fresh Grocer printed the words “February is Black History Month” across the top of the first page of their weekly ads.

Student leaders expand definition of activism

The passion of the Civil Rights Era continues today in student leaders on campus. However, the activism comes in a different format. The student leaders of various minority groups on campus emphasized that activism for them very much revolves around dialogue within their respective communities and with the University’s administration.

Amy Gutmann: top dog administrator

The top Google hits for “Amy Gutmann” may return the familiar face of Penn’s president, but further down is another President Amy Gutmann — owner and manager of the Canine University of Ohio. Like most universities, the school consists of students, professors and administrators.

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