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The snow, which began falling Tuesday – the official first day of spring – has been accumulating throughout the day and will continue into the evening Wednesday.
03/13/18 11:10pm
The hallmark of the evening occurred when Mill called and spoke to the audience from the SCI — Chester in Delaware County.
03/13/18 2:48am
In June 2017, Penn graduate Ron Nirenberg made headlines when he unseated Ivy Taylor, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, in a decisive election victory. 
03/10/18 10:47am
Joseph Lewis, a six-year veteran of the force, first sued the University in 2016 for racial discrimination after he was dismissed from the police force.
02/25/18 8:50pm
Stephen B. Burbank has presided over many high-profile disputes throughout his tenure including cases concerning salary caps and player contracts. 
02/23/18 8:54pm
ProPublica has obtained roughly 250,000 encrypted messages exchanged between members of Atomwaffen Division, the Neo-Nazi hate group linked to Bernstein's death.  
02/12/18 10:41pm
Justice Ginsburg offered glimpses into her years in the legal profession and weighed in on contemporary issues such as the #MeToo movement, the national political climate, and her aspirations for future generations.
02/02/18 9:13pm
The head of the police union was told by Rush that if Penn police officers were not happy with their current conditions that they could take their employment elsewhere. 
02/02/18 6:30pm
Woodward entered his plea for not guilty and his bail was set for $5 million, five times the amount of the scheduled bail for the crime.
01/29/18 1:04am
According to Kathleen Shields Anderson, the Director of Operations & External Affairs for DPS, the robber took money from the store. 
01/27/18 6:35pm
Penn's Division of Public Safety sent out a safety alert to members of the Penn community at 4:15 p.m. According to the email, Drexel Police alerted Penn Police of the reported assault. 
01/17/18 1:28am
Kelly Writers House "writer in residence" Dick Polman moderated the event, which was the first stop on bestselling author Michael Wolff's national book tour.
01/11/18 12:05am
The Division of Public Safety warns that more pipes will burst in the coming days as the weather starts to heat up and pipes start to thaw out. 
12/11/17 11:57pm
From NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to the anti-LGBTQ preachers on College Green, free speech dominated national and local headlines this year. 
12/06/17 10:22pm
GAPSA President and council member Miles Owen said he was disappointed that the forum was so short and included only four speakers.
12/06/17 1:53am
This semester, Penn Federalist Society hosted Heather Mac Donald, a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Penn Law professor Amy Wax, who wrote that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior to others.
12/03/17 6:48pm
“We try to be very up front about these things. Before we get even asked a question on tours, we outwardly mention mental health resources that are available on campus.”
11/29/17 9:34pm
In a statement, Executive Director of the Provost’s Office Leo Charney listed more than ten events associated with the "Campaign for Wellness."
11/12/17 7:44pm
"[T]his is one of the only opportunities that many students and student groups can voice their concerns," said College junior Jamie Ye, the Political Chair for PAGE. 
11/12/17 7:15pm
Wharton freshman Jack McKnight launched a petition last week calling for Penn to reevaluate its dining policies. As of Nov. 12, it had garnered more than 580 signatures. 
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