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12/11/17 11:57pm
From NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to the anti-LGBTQ preachers on College Green, free speech dominated national and local headlines this year. 
12/06/17 10:22pm
GAPSA President and council member Miles Owen said he was disappointed that the forum was so short and included only four speakers.
12/06/17 1:53am
This semester, Penn Federalist Society hosted Heather Mac Donald, a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Penn Law professor Amy Wax, who wrote that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior to others.
12/03/17 6:48pm
“We try to be very up front about these things. Before we get even asked a question on tours, we outwardly mention mental health resources that are available on campus.”
11/29/17 9:34pm
In a statement, Executive Director of the Provost’s Office Leo Charney listed more than ten events associated with the "Campaign for Wellness."
11/12/17 7:44pm
"[T]his is one of the only opportunities that many students and student groups can voice their concerns," said College junior Jamie Ye, the Political Chair for PAGE. 
11/12/17 7:15pm
Wharton freshman Jack McKnight launched a petition last week calling for Penn to reevaluate its dining policies. As of Nov. 12, it had garnered more than 580 signatures. 
11/08/17 8:56pm
In 2014, nearly half of Penn students indicated that they were dissatisfied with pre-major advising and close to a third indicated that they were dissatisfied with their major advisors.
10/27/17 2:47pm
Conservative House members objected to Penn Vet's funding, saying they did not want to allocate money towards a school that identifies as a "sanctuary campus."
10/17/17 4:58pm
While many professors have chosen to incorporate mental health resources into their syllabi, it is not mandated for them to do so. The UA is working with the Faculty Senate to change that. 
10/11/17 11:48pm
All Penn students have to pay Penn tuition when they take a semester abroad, but this can often be more than the tuition of the school they are actually studying at. 
09/30/17 7:13pm
Members of the Undergraduate Assembly initially proposed having CIS count towards students' language requirements. 
09/28/17 6:27pm
Under the midday sun, students held up signs to protest Heather Mac Donald who has argued repeatedly that the Black Lives Matter movement perpetuates a "war on cops."
09/27/17 6:09pm
Less than three months after College sophomores Shane Goldstein and Vanessa Wanyandeh were elected to be the College Chairs for their Class Board, they transferred schools. 
09/22/17 10:08am
“I’m very happy with the volume of candidates this year,” said a NEC leader. “Some of the races were very close.” 
09/20/17 9:54pm
“We understand that there may be a feeling that [the Event Observers] are out shutting out all the parties right now,” said Executive Director of the Office of Student Affairs Katie Bonner. “I would like to dispel that myth." 
09/18/17 9:08pm
Students raised examples of police shutting down philanthropy events, birthday parties and small movie nights. 
09/14/17 9:00am
Last year, Penn’s chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and the Penn Society for International Development were denied funding for charity events. 
09/11/17 3:46pm
Last year, SAC awarded 49 percent of all requests for contingency funding. 
08/28/17 10:33am
Last year, roughly 18 clubs applied for SAC recognition, but only 12 were successful. 
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