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Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Searching for serendipity

Graph Search has taken the “making” out of friend-making, and this instant gratification can’t compete with the rewards of taking the time to really get to know someone. Will there come a day when we can no longer enjoy the process of unearthing our quirky common interests — like quinoa — because Facebook will have already detected them for us?

Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Working to play

Penn has a pre-professional aura that radiates outward from Huntsman, enveloping the rest of campus. This internal pressure, coupled with the external pressure from career-minded parents, can discourage students from seeking other opportunities, even if those opportunities might be a better fit than finance. There should be more support for students who want to spend their summer incorporating their play — or better put, their passions — into their work.

Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Forward thinking

While we’ve all been warned against sending pictures of ourselves in the buff, what’s more worrisome is that we don’t seem the least bit concerned about forwarding, sharing and further exploiting our peers. Worse, this trend is not bounded by the cybersphere — it’s alive in real time.

Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Fratty food

Food is an integral part of the open rush process for both genders. This past week, fraternities and sororities each served up a different plat du jour, subliminally reinforcing their specific dose of gender stereotyping in such choices.

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