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09/14/17 11:00am
DeVos' announcement came just days after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  gave Penn a failing grade for protecting due process in cases of sexual assault. 
09/12/17 1:26pm
In the 2017 ranking, Penn tied with Duke University for the eighth spot, but Duke dropped to No. 9 this year.
08/30/17 10:47pm
Sixteen percent of Penn undergraduates are legacies. That's more than the percentage of black students or first-generation students. 
08/29/17 11:46pm
Starting Monday,  421 popular alcoholic beverages will cost consumers at least $1 more.
08/22/17 7:36pm
Penn's overall yield rate is lower than Harvard University's 84 percent and Yale University's 71.4 percent, but higher than Princeton University’s 66.6 percent and Dartmouth College's 61 percent. 
08/22/17 4:19pm
Pan-Asian student leaders said conservatives concerned about discrimination against Asian Americans in the admissions process should focus on other issues Asian Americans struggle with such as the "bamboo ceiling."
08/04/17 3:47am
Johnathan Smith, 21, was studying mechanical engineering and was involved in the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society. 
06/12/17 11:47pm
There are 45 different student-run performing arts organizations at Penn who put up over 60 performances each year. Here are seven of the most prominent.
06/02/17 2:44pm
The Higher Ed Leaders Forum, a two-day conference organized on May 31 and June 1 by the New York Times, brought together leaders from Universities such as Penn and Harvard University to discuss free speech, race relations and other issues affecting colleges today.
04/04/17 9:47pm
“A lot of us talk about jobs we’re going into after school, but it would be great to also have people talk about the charities they want to donate to and the impact they want to make in the world,” Wharton and Engineering senior Shayna Fertig said.
03/14/17 7:56pm
The Philadelphia march, one of over 350 marches that will take place across the United States from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., is intended to be a nonpartisan show of support for public policy based on scientific fact and celebration of the role science plays in our daily lives. 
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