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04/20/18 5:53pm
"We’re not viewing this as a partisan issue," Co-organizer and College freshman Simran Chand said. "It’s a human issue. People are dying on the streets. It’s not about who’s in office."
04/17/18 11:22pm
According to an analysis of unpublished ICE data, 64 percent of immigrants arrested in PA, WV, and DE didn’t have criminal convictions. The national figure, on the other hand, is 38 percent.  
04/10/18 10:44pm
Bhakti Yoga club hosted the event in Houston Hall of Flags on April 10. A Yale graduate, Swami has been a monk in the Krishna Bhakti tradition since 1982 and has researched consciousness for 45 years. 
04/06/18 3:37pm
Wharton junior Michelle Lyu, who first met Troy during her freshman year at Hillel's Falk Dining Commons, decided to start a fundraiser to help the Harris family. Currently, over 200 donations have raised over $8,000. 
03/26/18 11:29pm
Brown's Undergraduate Council of Students unanimously elected to hold this referendum at their general body meeting on March 14. The election also voted for various student board leaders. 
03/21/18 8:00am
Penn's chapters of Common Party, TableTalk Global, and Bridge USA hosted the event, which took place in Houston Hall on March 20.
02/26/18 11:59pm
The panelists and attendees discussed why college campus censorship is dangerous and where to draw the line between hateful and controversial speech.  
02/12/18 11:15pm
Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle spoke at an event Monday hosted by Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee, Penn Government and Politics Association, and Penn Democrats.
02/11/18 9:22pm
Penn's Vice Provost of Global Initiatives  Ezekiel Emmanuel will receive the one-million dollar prize at an award ceremony being held at Tel Aviv University on May 6.  
01/30/18 11:54pm
Before becoming IRC's president, Miliband served as the United Kingdom foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010. At the event, Miliband explained the moral obligation to help refugees.
01/22/18 8:00am
Penn will collaborate with Columbia University and the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation in the next three years to digitize Arabic, Persian, and Turkish texts through a full-time cataloger. 
01/12/18 5:21pm
Berman was one of the 17 lawyers selected to be interim U.S. Attorneys by the Trump administration, as reported in a Jan. 3 press release by the Department of Justice.
10/22/17 8:17pm
The project aims to create teams of specialized robots, rather than individual ones, that learn from one another in unknown environments. 
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