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02/12/18 11:15pm
Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle spoke at an event Monday hosted by Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee, Penn Government and Politics Association, and Penn Democrats.
02/11/18 9:22pm
Penn's Vice Provost of Global Initiatives  Ezekiel Emmanuel will receive the one-million dollar prize at an award ceremony being held at Tel Aviv University on May 6.  
01/30/18 11:54pm
Before becoming IRC's president, Miliband served as the United Kingdom foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010. At the event, Miliband explained the moral obligation to help refugees.
01/22/18 8:00am
Penn will collaborate with Columbia University and the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation in the next three years to digitize Arabic, Persian, and Turkish texts through a full-time cataloger. 
01/12/18 5:21pm
Berman was one of the 17 lawyers selected to be interim U.S. Attorneys by the Trump administration, as reported in a Jan. 3 press release by the Department of Justice.
10/22/17 8:17pm
The project aims to create teams of specialized robots, rather than individual ones, that learn from one another in unknown environments. 
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