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09/20/17 2:25am
As of June, 37 of Penn's approximately 200 nonresidential campus buildings include at least one gender-neutral bathroom.
09/14/17 8:56pm
"I want to encourage everyone here, whether this affects you directly or not, to show up for others; to show love and compassion because it means the world right now.”
09/13/17 7:49pm
"This is an issue that cannot be ignored. We want other campuses and places in general to learn from out example. We cannot remain silent in times like this."
09/12/17 11:50am
“I know she’ll do an amazing job," said outgoing director Bob Schoenberg. “She has been the backbone of the operation."
09/06/17 10:09pm
“Penn was a leader in higher education, but Bob was a leader in LGBT advocacy."
09/05/17 12:00am
The all-female comedy troupe, Bloomers, has changed their constitution to be more inclusive to gender non-conforming students.
08/28/17 7:29pm
These groups work closely with Penn's cultural resource centers to formulate programs targeting incoming minority students. 
08/23/17 7:05am
“I only went to two events for NSO, and it was with our peer advisors and the safety conversation in Irvine. After those two I realized you didn’t really get into trouble, so I stopped going." 
04/25/17 8:51pm
The duo started speaking to administrators about their ideas following the presidential election, which Gonsalves said “really hit home.”
04/18/17 3:32pm
The group specifically cited the protection of undocumented students at Harvard as a main impetus for creating the petition. According to the petition, the university invests in prisons which hold and profit off nearly 75 percent of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainees.
04/02/17 9:51pm
In the span of a few hours, the fair offered health care education and clinical checkups as well as an inviting atmosphere for hundreds of attendees in the area.
03/30/17 7:11pm
The group called for an immediate “moratorium” on investments in coal, and demanded a meeting with the whole school to talk about fossil fuel divestment more broadly, the Harvard Crimson reported.
03/27/17 9:37pm
Penn Design lecturer Gabe Martinez said viewing Cuban art and interacting with Cuban artists influenced students' projects and so the content of some of their projects actually shifted in turn.
02/24/17 3:37pm
Magnum’s leave was determined last fall by a 10 to 1 approval for a separation agreement by the FAMU Board of Trustees. 
02/08/17 10:26pm
“We had a large homeless audience counting on us to come in, turn the lights on and make pizza,” Wartman said. “There is no substitute for experience, no easy way to acquire it. I’m glad I didn’t quit.”
01/24/17 10:06pm
Danish journalist and author Flemming Rose argued that the only valid limitations on free speech are restrictions on speech that incites violence. Other than that form, he said all speech should be tolerated.
12/09/16 2:09pm
In his first public appearance since being elected into Trump’s Cabinet, Ben Carson spoke to students and faculty at Yale on Thursday night. Carson, a Yale alumus from the class of ‘73, discussed plans for his new political position.
11/02/16 11:53pm
Penn has another prize for innovation — this time, for ones that contribute to Jewish life.
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