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11/12/17 8:49pm
For the coming semester, 7 of 23 French courses offered fulfill a general education requirement, but of 19 Chinese courses offered, none fulfills any requirements. 
11/09/17 8:08pm
Two dozen students gathered on College Green to participate in the National Day of Action for a Clean Dream Act, which inspired walkouts at 30 schools across the country. 
11/02/17 8:44pm
“I’m definitely interested in making, in whatever ways I can, the world an easier place for queer people, especially in this current political climate," College sophomore Jess Araten said.
11/01/17 10:00pm
Two groups recently applied to be constituent members of APSC, but only one was accepted. 
11/01/17 9:55pm
"It’s really nice to have this extra help and not have to fight such a big crowd [for tutors],” College freshman Lin Chen said. 
10/18/17 11:15pm
To apply for leaves of absences, students have to shuttle between a variety of different administrative departments, from SRFS to Penn Residential Services. 
10/17/17 10:28pm
Amber Hikes, a 2008 graduate of the School of Social Policy & Practice, said her experience as a social worker is rooted in her education in University City. 
10/06/17 3:04am
Launched this semester, the Anti-Violence Engagement Network has already formed partnerships with Penn Democrats, Sigma Nu fraternity and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention. 
09/30/17 7:00pm
"If we just stay on our campus, then we're not really doing anything to help the larger community. We have to use our power and privilege as Penn students."
09/30/17 6:08pm
The annual conference was geared toward underclassmen who are less likely to be going through on-campus recruiting, organizers said. 
09/27/17 8:39pm
“It’s particularly great to meet fellow Latinos in Philadelphia as I feel the Latino culture very strongly in my life," a student said. 
09/24/17 9:18pm
Staff members at Penn Career Services are trained to connect LGBTQ+ students with employers and companies welcoming of different genders and sexualities. 
09/20/17 2:25am
As of June, 37 of Penn's approximately 200 nonresidential campus buildings include at least one gender-neutral bathroom.
09/14/17 8:56pm
"I want to encourage everyone here, whether this affects you directly or not, to show up for others; to show love and compassion because it means the world right now.”
09/13/17 7:49pm
"This is an issue that cannot be ignored. We want other campuses and places in general to learn from out example. We cannot remain silent in times like this."
09/12/17 11:50am
“I know she’ll do an amazing job," said outgoing director Bob Schoenberg. “She has been the backbone of the operation."
09/06/17 10:09pm
“Penn was a leader in higher education, but Bob was a leader in LGBT advocacy."
09/05/17 12:00am
The all-female comedy troupe, Bloomers, has changed their constitution to be more inclusive to gender non-conforming students.
08/28/17 7:29pm
These groups work closely with Penn's cultural resource centers to formulate programs targeting incoming minority students. 
08/23/17 7:05am
“I only went to two events for NSO, and it was with our peer advisors and the safety conversation in Irvine. After those two I realized you didn’t really get into trouble, so I stopped going." 
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