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12/06/17 9:31pm
College freshman Cassandra Jobman, who is a member of Penn First and the QuestBridge program, was not informed of Penn's extended meal options over Thanksgiving break. 
11/29/17 2:05pm
For the first time, faculty members, alumni, and staff on campus were invited to host students for meals during their Thanksgiving breaks. 
11/15/17 8:06pm
Multiple students have reported incidents of halal food at Kings Court English House being cooked with cooking wine, which is not permissible under the rules of halal.
10/10/17 8:38pm
The application process for funding has numerous steps and can last up to nearly two months.
10/04/17 7:41pm
Members of Penn's Latinx community are determined to make the events surrounding Latinx Heritage Month this year an opportunity both for celebration and for support. 
10/01/17 10:27pm
The top quiz, titled “Choose Some Fall Things And We'll Tell You Which Taylor Swift You're Most Like,” gained almost 300,000 views. 
09/23/17 6:32pm
ASAM Interim Director Eichiro Azuma said the College deans took months to respond to requests he had sent in April regarding the program.
09/21/17 7:01pm
Mayada Alhumssi, the mother of College sophomore Zubaida AlQaissi, is showcasing her paintings at the Philadelphia Folklore Project Gallery in an exhibition titled “Iraqi Songs in Color.”  
09/12/17 9:00pm
"People could just freely talk to whoever they wanted to, dance on whoever or dance to whatever song however they wanted to.”
09/04/17 9:03pm
The class has averaged a 3.89 out of 4.00 in difficulty on Penn Course Review.
09/04/17 2:46pm
For the first time this year, Penn set the move-in date for international students to two days prior to NSO. The Assembly of International Students say this isn't enough. 
08/31/17 11:00am
Working together with Nicaraguan doctors, students provided treatment to over 1500 patients.
05/02/17 2:38am
From award-winning primotologist Jane Goodall to former Vice President and future Penn professor Joe Biden, Penn hosted a range of notable speakers this year. 
04/09/17 11:26pm
The Penn Museum opened a new exhibition on Saturday, April 9 that explores the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq. The exhibition features contemporary art — a first for the museum.
03/26/17 11:44pm
Lee and Oh began creating the app during the 2016 presidential campaign because they felt the ways in which people got their news had an unprecedented impact on the election result.
02/23/17 8:36pm
The speakeasy featured 10 people who performed original poetry, music, stand-up comedy and monologues — and highlighted voices not heard in the script of the play.
02/14/17 11:20pm
ASAM's Undergraduate Advisory Board held the event at Civic House to discuss the history and purpose of ethnic studies programs at Penn and formulate strategies for their preservation and improvement.
02/14/17 6:49pm
Penn professor Marybeth Gasman, who is also the director of the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions, told Inside Higher Ed that she hopes leaders of historically black colleges and universities refrain from meeting with Trump. 
02/01/17 10:08pm
Students at the discussion commented on the pink “pussyhats” worn by protesters at the Women’s March. Some were concerned that the hats were not inclusive of transgender women, while others cited the importance of the hats as a symbol of unified opposition to President Donald Trump.
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