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Fiona Glisson | At the end of the night

I like to frame articles by describing images that represent overarching themes of the story.

When I think of The Daily Pennsylvanian, I see a certain editor tap dancing down the hall with a Hey Day cane, after we finally got a key source on the record for a student government story — None of us knew he could do that.

I remember shivering in an alley in Old City with a group of protestors who were dead set on ending mountain top removal.

Or maybe the image I remember most is of a dining hall worker, brow furrowed, spreading a stack of healthcare bills across his dining room table, while he told us he did not make enough to support his ailing wife.

NEC to deliberate UA election violations

After a three-hour trial, the Nominations and Elections Committee is deliberating whether Undergraduate Assembly presidential candidate Gabe Delaney and UA vice presidential candidate Julie Bittar violated election rules — which could result in their disqualification.

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