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04/11/18 10:41pm
The negativity around Fling that has been on parade leading up to this week is palpable. Just because you don’t like the headliner doesn’t mean Fling is ruined.
04/05/18 12:24am
The sheer number of articles I’ve read against aspects of Greek life is surprising in itself, but even more surprising is how few of those writers actually experienced what they claimed to understand. 
03/21/18 8:49pm
Walking down Locust between the snarties connected me with multiple groups I’d otherwise have no business associating with, and connected me to my peers in a way that could only come about here and now.
02/22/18 6:53pm
One of the deepest benefits of my education has been teaching myself to unlearn. Unlearning that our natural outlook is the objectively best one.
02/07/18 11:49pm
I’m glad my decision to attend the parade won’t be hampered by a class absence, but if the parade were as important to me as it seems to be to some people, I’d happily chug a couple green beers, rub some dirt on that shiny attendance record, and go make memories. 
02/06/18 11:42am
The awkwardness of meandering through a question you don’t quite know how to ask shouldn’t stop us.
01/25/18 8:30am
There is a performative component to stress culture which only compounds the problem. 
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