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Divya Ramesh | Where the world has gone blank

To fix a national gap in geopgraphic knowledge, perhaps we should be turning to the omniscient oracle on 21st century knowledge: Google. Utilizing Google Maps as an educational tool introduces a novel solution to the national geographic disconnect.

Divya Ramesh | Food on the move

Mobile supermarket produce sections break the American norm, but if we can reconcile with the concept, they might be able to break the national parallel between poverty, poor nutrition and obesity as well.

Divya Ramesh | Accepting Partial Credit

Few blame banks and bank tellers who don’t realize their role as teachers. Their subject of expertise is the credit card system, but their problem is their method of instruction. It is not conducive to the learning style of the average American consumer.

Divya Ramesh | Hello, my name is ‘Stranger’

As our world widens in our college years, the idea of “stranger danger” needs to modify its meaning as well. If we carry the idea unchanged into adulthood, we’ll miss out on getting to know interesting people.

Divya Ramesh | Finished with not finishing

The great thing about an all-you-can-eat franchise is that seconds are an option if you want them. But not many people seem to see it that way. Every day, I see entire plates of food tossed into the green compost bags at the residential dining halls.

Divya Ramesh | A shaky foundation

While the United States might not have the same structural issues as other countries, like collapsing apartment buildings made of weak wood, our problem rests on where we choose to build.

Divya Ramesh | Not worth the wait

Last week, as I stood alongside a man with “Penn Maintenance” embroidered on his jacket, I received a very didactic response as I rambled on about the motivational power of a Friday evening.

Divya Ramesh | Playing with fire

Stepping away from our compulsive need for action to adopt a version of the NRK’s digitized natural world might be a healthy choice. After all, with Norway recently ranked first on Forbes’ list of the happiest world nations, the country might have something to show beyond its magnificent fjords.

Divya Ramesh | Dropping names

We all find it awkward when we mix up names, but it seems I’m the only person upset over rechristening Sam as Wesley and mistaking Mary Kate for Caroline.

Divya Ramesh | Experimenting with Experimetrix

I enjoyed participating in Experimetrix speech labs and word rating exercises that introduced to me to fields like psycholinguistics and visual studies. A friend of mine learned a fake language for a linguistics study and came back saying that it was “awesome.”

Divya Ramesh | Access denied

While rolling from Trenton to 30th Street Station, I met a sophomore from another university who scarred me for life. She told me with arrogant confidence that she was going to Philly to spend time with a boyfriend that her parents didn’t know existed.

Divya Ramesh | Pens are mightier than pixels

Send one letter every month — to your grandmother or your best friend from high school who used to wish you Merry Christmas with a handmade card. Collect your letters, your responses, the envelopes and stamps. This project will bolster the postal system while brightening someone’s day.

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