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11/15/16 7:17pm
A student at the University of Oklahoma is no longer enrolled, and another at Tulsa Community College has been placed on "interim academic suspension."
10/12/16 11:26pm
It was midnight on January 5, the night before the Common App was due, and high schoolers were freaking out on Twitter.
04/27/16 2:43am
Tuesday began early for College junior Leopold Spohngellert, one of the many Penn students leading get-out-the-vote efforts on the morning of the Pennsylvania primary.
04/20/16 9:13pm
A professor of outdoor studies at the University of Alaska Southeast was mauled by a bear on Monday, bringing a mountaineering class trip to an early conclusion.
03/30/16 9:06pm
Anna Alaburda enrolled in law school expecting to get a job. When she didn’t, she sued.
03/22/16 1:33am
Kente Master, a social impact company, has been providing graduation stoles at Penn since last year for students affiliated with Makuu, Penn's black cultural center.
03/02/16 9:15pm

U. at Albany students who alleged racism now face criminal charges

The three black women who filed a report of a racist attack on a SUNY Albany bus are now facing criminal charges for allegedly fabricating the event.
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02/18/16 12:56am
We rounded up the information you need to know to get out and vote in the Keystone State on April 26.
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