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01/11/17 2:41pm
The PIK program, launched by Penn President Amy Gutmann in 2005, recruits faculty with expertise across disciplines to teach at Penn.
12/09/16 8:36pm
In a statement posted to Facebook, PAGE blasted the protest, saying it worked to "traumatize and shame” people who’ve had abortions.
11/21/16 4:21pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann, who has repeatedly refused to comment on Trump throughout the campaign, did not sign the letter. 
11/21/16 3:26pm
The strike, affecting over 5,000 workers and more than 400,000 riders, lasted from Nov. 1-7. 
11/04/16 5:40pm
The task force will include administrators, faculty and students and is charged with fostering a campus climate free of sexual violence and harassment and ensuring that unrecognized groups are held "accountable" for violations of University policy.
11/03/16 11:51pm
While Career Services reviews each employer who registers for PennLink, recent scammers have become "increasingly crafty."
11/01/16 12:10am
Penn Transit released a comprehensive contingency plan on Monday to accommodate faculty, staff and students who need to use public transportation now that SEPTA workers are on strike.
10/16/16 5:20pm
Lauren Hitt, Kenney's spokesperson and a 2013 College graduate, first tweeted a link to an Inside Higher Education article that described how Penn does not have to pay property taxes to Philadelphia due to its nonprofit status.
10/11/16 11:43pm
From the Compass to Van Pelt Library, campus on Tuesday was a frenzy of student groups urging students to register on the last day before the Oct. 11 deadline.
10/11/16 6:00am
Close to 20 students decorated College Green with eight-feet-tall artwork and posters with the slogan, “Your body, your vote.”
10/10/16 1:53am
At least seven former or current college housing staffers, including four house deans, say they have spoken to Human Resources about Redman. The portrait they describe is of an administrative unit beset with frustration over a leader many regard as sexist at worst and woefully insensitive at best.
10/03/16 3:02pm
Chanting barbs against the “homos” as well as Catholics and Jews, four preachers assembled next to the Benjamin Franklin Statue in front of College Hall around noon. 
09/22/16 4:31pm
The decision came upon the unanimous recommendation of an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Divestment assigned to review divestment.
09/11/16 11:04pm
The letter, which includes signatures of women from 18 affiliated sororities, off-campus organizations, co-ed fraternities and multicultural groups, described a pervasive reality at campuses nationwide that “targets women and brands them as inferiors, or simply objects for the male gaze.”
09/08/16 10:28pm
Since the protests started on Tuesday, over thirty current members of OZ have not responded to repeated, individual requests for comment.
09/08/16 1:30am
Individual members of both off-campus group OAX and an affiliated sorority that asked not to be named harshly criticized OZ and said they left group chats with members of the group.
09/06/16 7:35am
Hundreds of flyers featuring an email sent by an account were posted across campus on Tuesday morning, stamped with “This is what rape culture looks like" and "We are watching."
09/06/16 2:39am
In interviews with four former Office of College House Computing employees and two student ITAs the picture of a small office on the precipice of boiling over comes into focus.
08/03/16 3:46pm
Arthur Halim, who entered Penn with the Class of 2016, died in Portland, Oregon on July 30, surrounded by his loved ones.
07/25/16 1:14pm
Eric Schoenberg, who will teach a class at Wharton in the fall on family wealth, upped his political contributions by over 718% in order to stop Trump.
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02/23/16 2:25pm
The controversy began after the DP caught Marco Rubio speaking with a Cruz staffer inside a South Carolina hotel.
02/20/16 9:34pm
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton narrowly beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Nevada.
02/01/16 5:00pm

Phila. mayor says Donald Trump should be banned from the city

The uproar over presidential candidate Donald Trump's support of banning Muslim immigrants met a strong and unexpected critic on Tuesday: Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.
02/01/16 4:57pm

Penn breaks silence on Donald Trump...sort of

For the extent of 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump's rapid rise to the top of the Republican presidential polls, Penn had offered nothing but radio silence. That changed today.
02/01/16 4:39pm

Sunday morning at the church of Donald Trump

Inside the cramped walls of a middle-school gymnasium, supporters of all different sorts came together to hear the gospel of 1968 Wharton graduate and presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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