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01/21/18 9:02pm
"Exploring your passion not only benefits your academic work but also helps improve your mental health,” Wharton freshman and member of Passion Projects committee Gabriel Sokoloff said.
01/16/18 3:47pm
The Center for Outreach, Research, and Education — the newest of Penn's neurological, behavioral, and intelligence-based research initiatives — is launching this January.
01/15/18 8:37pm
After multiple attempts to gain funding through different channels, the group was told in November last year that even though they were recognized by SAC, they were not eligible for SAC funding. 
11/14/17 12:05am
The conference sought to address gender inequality in Pennsylvania's elected offices, which recently received a grade of "F" in the Representation 2020 Gender Parity Index.
10/30/17 3:16pm
“I’m seeing books as friends again and I’m making time for those friends,”  Wharton junior Michelle Lyu said.
10/09/17 9:58pm
“Alumni will ask, ‘Oh, where in the Quad do you live?’ It’s been around for so long that everyone knows it’s the place to be," Ware resident and College freshman Zach Zamore said. 
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