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04/10/17 9:12pm
Announced as one of the winners of the President’s Engagement Prizes last week, the group of students behind Lanzado Lideres — a bilingual, community-based program for high school students in South Philadelphia — will focus on developing the project over the course of the next year. 
03/29/17 3:58pm
Lyman Whitaker, the featured sculptor, has been sculpting for more 40 years and has been creating “Wind Sculptures” since the 1980s.
03/22/17 10:56pm
Halfway into Women’s Week, hosted by Penn Association for Gender Equity, students gathered in a Steinberg-Dietrich Hall to hear a group of women faculty members examine the future of feminism and gender equity under President Donald Trump’s administration. 
03/01/17 3:46pm
Huntsman, a 1987 College graduate, was previously Governor of Utah and ambassador to China
02/05/17 9:44pm
“This competition was a way for us to really understand how companies actually work,” Wharton freshman Cheryl Li said. “I think in Wharton courses it’s all very hypothetical, and getting the opportunity to actually put that knowledge to work is really important.”
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