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02/28/17 9:14pm
Last year, Donald Trump began blitzing the mainstream media at an unprecedented and alarming rate following his victory in the presidential election.
11/22/16 8:16pm
According to 6ABC, the explosive device was hidden inside a manilla envelope and was triggered when the victim, a 60-year-old man, opened the envelope.
11/12/16 3:45pm
On Friday night, 2008 College graduate and current Drexel assistant research professor Adrienne Juarascio discovered the phrase "It's our p***y now, bitch" etched into her car about a block from her home in Philadelphia.
11/09/16 8:23pm
At another Philadelphia university, a different mood on campus during election night.
11/09/16 3:41am
The city of Philadelphia, whose citizens voted over 82% for Hillary Clinton according to The New York Times, was silent as Republican nominee Donald Trump — the President-elect of the United States — won swing-state after swing-state.
10/20/16 8:04pm
VP pick and Senator Tim Kaine will also be at the event on Saturday.
10/12/16 3:10pm
After removing the University's president and provost during the summer, Temple's Board of Directors appointed acting president Richard M. Englert to the permanent position of president, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
10/11/16 5:53pm
Time is running out — students who wish to vote in November's general election must register before midnight.
10/05/16 3:59pm
According to data pulled from popular dating app Tinder, Penn is the most attractive Ivy League school, reported Business Insider.
10/03/16 9:55pm
Is this a compliment?
10/03/16 3:39pm
The grant, which will be given over the course of five years, is part of the National Science Foundation's $94 million project to build four new Science and Technology Centers (STC) across the country, joining the eight that already exist.
09/29/16 7:12pm
Linneman was interviewing property magnate Sam Zell at a real estate conference in New York City when Zell commented that nothing had happened since China lifted its one-child regulation, reported The Wall Street Journal.
09/20/16 3:35pm
One non-profit's analysis of American colleges' admissions policies reveals that a record number of schools have relaxed standardized test requirements for applicants.
09/19/16 12:23am
A UPennAlert was sent around 11:15 p.m. Sunday evening describing a "Robbery no weapon at 4200 Pine St."
09/15/16 5:00pm
This afternoon, an anti-gay protest took place outside Van Pelt Library near the Button. Student counter-protesters quickly arrived on scene as the two sides clashed.
09/10/16 4:12pm
Brown University's Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has removed its seven-session limit, according to The Brown Daily Herald.
09/09/16 2:22pm
Penn drops from No. 2 to No. 3 in College Factual's annual college rankings, as reported by USA Today.
09/09/16 12:09am

Penn students known for drive, not for driving

According to website ValuePenguin, Penn and Drexel students live in the No. 103 best college town for drivers. Philadelphia places third-worst on a list that only goes to 105 towns, only beat by Seattle and Ann Arbor for worst towns for college drivers.
08/31/16 8:01pm
Cornell University student Darryl Wu, a member of the class of 2018, was found dead in his Collegetown Center apartment. His death appears to have been natural and absent of foul play, reported the Cornell Daily Sun.
08/31/16 10:02am
If, as the Wu-Tang Clan declared, cash rules everything, the Penn is one of the most potent institutions in higher education.
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