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04/28/15 12:28am
In a room of no more than 40 people, Associate Dean of External Affairs at the School of Design Richard Fitzgerald said, “Five years from now when the iDesign prize is the hottest prize in the United States, you can say that you were here on this first night.”
03/22/15 11:39pm
On Friday, the fraternity wrapped up a week-long collection of clothing donations, mostly from other Greek organizations on campus.
02/17/15 12:49am
With the release of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie over the weekend, students and faculty reflect on implications about real life relationships.
02/02/15 11:35pm
In Fall 2014, admissions' hottest recruit wasn't a basketball star or a math genius, but 18 year old poet Peter LaBerge.
11/25/14 2:21am

Yossi Klein Halevi criticizes "emotional gap" between American and Israeli Jews

In a lecture co-hosted by J Street UPENN and the Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee, both part of Hillel’s Israel sector, Halevi expressed his deep concern about the growing “emotional gap” between Israeli and American Jews.
11/04/14 3:36am
Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof offered his thoughts on the "empathy gap" in a talk on Monday.
09/30/14 1:50am

Panhellenic speaker gives advice on stress management

Professional campus speaker Erin Foley emphasized that happiness should be a “manner of traveling,” playing on the words of author Margaret Lee Runbeck.
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