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Penn professors call Hobby Lobby decision a "setback for women's healthcare"

Medical Ethics and Health Policy professor Jennifer Prah Ruger and Law School professor Theodore Ruger teamed up with Boston University professor George Annas to write an article released in the New England Journal of Medicine. They discuss the controversial five to four Hobby Lobby decision and argue that drugs and devices critical to health should be universally available.

Rodin illuminates gender payment gap among Penn faculty

On Monday at the White House Summit on Working Families, former University President and current President of the Rockefeller Foundation Judith Rodin shed light on the payment gap between male and female faculty members after she was asked if women always know and communicate their value.

“When I was offered the Presidency of Penn...I think the board believed that I would and should feel extremely grateful,” Rodin said. “They offered me a salary and I went home overnight and started to get really angry.”

Marijuana might mess with sleep (or not)

The study showed that any history of marijuana use is linked to impaired sleep quality. While the study only demonstrates correlation, not causation, results suggest that those who began using marijuana in adolescence have a much higher risk of sleep impediments as adults than those who did not — although its senior study author said that other factors may play a role.

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