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Guest column by Amy Gutmann | Make your mark

Voting is a simple act of civic duty, but it is also a transformative one. Each of us joins with millions of individuals across the country to enact something--the democratic choice of our representatives--that none of us can or should do alone. Voting in a constitutional democracy not only expresses our citizenship; it also enables us together to continually re-establish something much mightier than any of us could otherwise be: a democratic republic that aspires to recognize the liberty and equality of all persons.

Making it count

A warm welcome to all at the start of a new academic year. This week marks the landfall ten years ago of Hurricane Katrina.

Guest column by Amy Gutmann | Aim to engage!

This summer, we created and I announced the President’s Engagement Prizes. These are annual, competitively-awarded prizes for Penn seniors to design and undertake fully-funded local, national or global engagement projects during the first year after they graduate from Penn. Prize recipients will receive $50,000 for one year of living expenses after graduation and up to $100,000 in project expenses.

Penn Compact 2020

Penn Compact 2020 renews Penn’s fundamental priorities — increasing access, integrating knowledge and engaging locally, nationally and globally.

A letter from Amy Gutmann | Building a bridge to the future

I am pleased to report we have taken the first step toward reinventing the eastern edge of Penn's campus. Earlier this spring, construction was completed on the Weave Bridge, a beautiful new pedestrian span designed by Penn's own Cecil Balmond, the Paul Philippe Cret Practice Professor of Architecture.

Amy Gutmann | Penn's influence will only continue to grow

I begin this new academic year at Penn grateful to be a part of a University community so joyfully infused with the desire to learn and the commitment to serve. Thanks to our dedicated move-in and New Student Orientation teams - who did a fabulous job helping new students navigate the transition to life at Penn-our campus is bustling with more creative energy and camaraderie than ever.

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