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01/17/18 7:21pm
This year, RAs and GAs received four days of mandatory training beginning on Aug. 14, just before New Student Orientation on Aug. 22.
01/11/18 11:50pm
“[Mental health was] definitely a bigger focus this year than it ever has been before,” Vice President of Panhellenic Recruitment and College senior Andrea Klein said.
01/09/18 9:21pm
Along with his parents and his two brothers, Steinberg was one of 10 American tourists who died in a plane crash while sightseeing in Costa Rica on Dec. 31. 
12/11/17 1:01am
The plan will benefit middle-income students who do not qualify for Brown's no-loan financial aid but still require some form of financial assistance.
12/06/17 8:48pm
Besides hosting on-campus meetings and speakers, Beyond Arrest: Re-Thinking Systematic Oppression members volunteer with educational programs in prisons across the city. 
11/21/17 12:17am
The New York Times said the translation from Penn professor of classical studies Emily Wilson has given the ancient text "a radically contemporary voice."
11/18/17 3:11pm
Within the Asian Pacific community, art can carry “a cultural stigma,” said APAHW Executive Chair and Wharton and Engineering senior Vivian Ge.  
11/11/17 1:31am
The debate, which was organized by the Penn Debate Society and the Penn Philomathean Society, came  three weeks after History TA Stephanie McKellop came under fire for tweeting about the method.
11/07/17 12:00am
Already popular in New York City, the sidewalk kiosks or “Links” have USB ports and provide Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city.
10/20/17 9:27pm
“We gather to honor a man renowned for his deep respect for constitutional knowledge and tradition and his abiding bipartisanship, two things in such short supply these days."
10/20/17 6:45pm
“We think that because we’re educated and go to a school like Penn, we don’t have social learning to do, and that’s false,” College senior Reece Sisto.
10/18/17 10:47pm
The Perception of University Life and Student Experience Survey (PULSE) presented questions about academic, pre-professional and extracurricular opportunities offered at Penn. 
10/15/17 9:24pm
"When you get angry, you get sh*t done," said Phil Yu, the creator of the Asian-American news and culture blog Angry Asian Man. 
10/14/17 4:33pm
 "Everybody joined because they want to make cool games, not because they want to pad their resume."
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