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10/16/17 10:41pm
Penn Effective Altruism said they decided to host the biomedical gerontologist because his research "is not just the stuff of science fiction."
05/03/17 2:40pm
Academically Based Community Service courses allow students and faculty to partner with West Philadelphia schools and community organizations. During the 2016-17 academic year, 70 ABCS courses were offered across eight schools and 31 departments, by 63 faculty and staff members.
04/12/17 11:08pm
“If we think about our lives without music or movies or art or literature in any way, what kind of a hit will our well-being take? We don’t have way yet to quantify that," religious studies professor James Pawelski said. 
04/07/17 3:03pm

Philadelphia, in safety push, will be giving out free gun locks this summer

The locks aim to prevent gun theft and encourage less impulsive weapon use
03/21/17 11:37pm
Penn Political Coalition — the umbrella organization for political student groups — joined with College Republicans and Penn in Washington to host Reihan Salam, the executive editor of National Review, in Huntsman Hall. 
03/17/17 4:48pm
Under the new contract, prospective teachers will enter a two-year program. The student teachers will be assigned to work with a current Philadelphia educator in the first year before operating their own classroom the second year.
02/22/17 12:40am
“I came in incredibly skeptical and prepared to have my guard up on the defensive, but I thought there was some really awesome discourse,” Penn College senior Abbie Starker said. 
02/10/17 10:12pm
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the new law will prohibit any tattoos that are considered to be "offensive, extremist, indecent, racist or sexist while on duty." 
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