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12/03/09 4:57am

Can Phila. hear Verizon now?

This year, Verizon has been hard at work upgrading and expanding cell phone coverage for Philadelphia in an effort to improve voice services, text messaging and internet access around campus.
12/02/09 3:52am

Profs reach out to students on Facebook

As students spend more time on the web, professors are reaching out to them online.
11/23/09 6:40am

Facebook tagging a thing of the past?

Thanks to the new Photo Tagger application, Facebook users can find and tag photos of themselves automatically using digital face-recognition technology.
11/18/09 4:31am

For the sleep deprived, a new solution may be on the way

A Penn-led international team of researchers published a study in Nature last month suggests that certain drugs can counteract the memory-related effects of sleep deprivation.
11/02/09 3:09am

Weiss Tech House kicks off 2009 Innovation Week

The 2009 Innovation Week, sponsored by the Weiss Tech House, will include design competitions and speakers.
10/30/09 12:52am

For students who 'Want To,' a new way to social network

Students looking to throw a frisbee tomorrow or be an actor in a film project need look no further than
10/28/09 1:32am

Touring Penn through your iPhone

uTourX, billed by its creators as “a brand new way to tour colleges,” is a new iPhone application that acts as a virtual tour guide for several U.S. college campuses.
10/27/09 4:55am

New bus service expands East Coast travel options

Starting later this month, Penn students heading home to some East Coast cities will have a cheaper and more convenient way to get there.
10/23/09 1:39am

Smartphone app reduces cost of international calls

This month, international students got a little closer to home with Vonage Mobile, a free application for PDAs and iPhones designed to reduce costs for international calls.
10/16/09 2:07am

Online research magazine Futurity aims to spread scientific news

This September, Penn joined a consortium of 34 research universities to launch, an online research magazine highlighting a select sampling of university research and discoveries in a wide range of fields.
10/16/09 1:48am

Overhaul on the way for Penn Libraries search interface

Penn’s library search interface — named for the University’s founder, Ben Franklin — is slated for a major overhaul designed to make finding books and media much more intuitive.
10/01/09 2:39am

"Paperless office" not yet coming to Penn

Thirty years after BusinessWeek famously envisioned the “paperless office,” the college classroom is only just beginning to break away from its much-loved pen and paper.
09/22/09 2:01am

Netbooks become more popular in down economy

With computer prices dropping across the board, extra-portable netbooks have become an increasingly attractive option for students.
09/21/09 2:31am

Penn libraries now available online

Penn’s libraries are busy making thousands of hard-to-find books and publications available online in a multifaceted effort intended to make rare literature more available to academics at Penn and around the world.
09/15/09 11:36pm

Penn embraces Twitter for sharing campus news

Penn wants you to know something. Several things, actually - 448 since this March. Penn is one of hundreds of colleges discovering the possibilities of Twitter, a microblogging Web site.
09/15/09 11:36pm

Snow Leopard clashes with AirPennNet

This September, some AirPennNet users in the area were wounded by Snow Leopard problems.
09/12/09 1:13am

Penn Portal will see major makeover this semester

This fall, Penn will open the portal to a new student homepage.
09/08/09 9:26pm

Revamped Penn InTouch earns rave reviews

This summer, the Penn InTouch web portal underwent a major overhaul, intended to make essential information more accessible and user-friendly.
04/22/09 5:00am

Fifty years later, it's all Greek for Omega senior society

Omega isn't the average secret senior society. While Penn's other senior societies - which selected their newest members earlier this month - bring together student leaders from across campus, Omega has a distinctly Greek focus. Penn's Order of Omega's are cherry-picked from Greek chapters, representing "the cream of the crop," according to Scott Reikofski, director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.
04/20/09 5:00am

Pre-frosh say they're 'impressed by Greeks'

Penn's reputation as "the social Ivy" is well-known among the Ancient Eight, and apparently among the prospective class of 2013 as well. "I'm really impressed by the Greek life at Penn," Monica Lindrooth, a high-school senior from New York City, said during Penn Previews last week.
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