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Adam Silver | Beneath the border

What is basically a prohibition of drugs in the United States and of guns in Mexico creates an extraordinary demand for the illicit products in each country — a demand addressed by drug cartels.

Adam Silver | What we can all do

Politics today is riddled with stories of candidates rising from the one-bedroom log cabin to the political stratosphere. Yet rarely have I come across a candidate quite like Williams, a man who, for nine months, had to plea for money, search for food — often in trash cans — and find a warm place to sleep.

Adam Silver | Size doesn't matter

But what sounds good in a political ad doesn’t necessarily make good policy sense. If we allow ourselves to continue to pursue big vs. little, we might forget the more important fight: smarter vs. dumber.

Adam Silver | The NFL is … socialist

Among professional sports, the NFL is unique — a look at the different financial structures of other sports leagues makes the NFL’s socialist tendency even more apparent. Although Americans call European soccer a socialist sport, it is far more capitalist than our beloved NFL.

Adam Silver | Give him a chance

Obama has not had the opportunity to create a New Deal, Great Society, New Beginning or any lasting doctrine. This is not his fault — it is the result of partisanship, gridlock and vitriol.

Adam Silver | A Democrat thrives in a conservative era

The past four years have been some of the most challenging of this century. But the country is moving out of these hard times and into a new era. While it will remain a conservative era, Democratic governance — and Obama — will thrive within it.

Adam Silver | Paranormal politics

The politics of fear has created scary laws that stain American history. The question now is, what type of policy will the fear we see in this campaign give way to?

Adam Silver | Thank you for not surfing

The main reason I try not to surf the web in class is privacy. I don’t want people behind me to know that the only person who ever chats me online is Sara Silver (my mom).

Adam Silver | The democratic infomercial

Although the formalities of the old still echo the halls of the convention — there are voice votes, motions and even a gavel — it is no longer a place for a party to pick a nominee.

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