05/25/15 10:00am
Pennant, a new digital infrastructure, will replace the system that has managed student billing, financial aid, academic records and registration for over 35 years.
05/22/15 10:00am
The Computer and Information Science department will launch a new class aimed at non-majors.
05/18/15 10:00am
Four engineering seniors have worked since September to create a product they call Turbox, which can generate power in remote, off-grid locations.
05/15/15 2:16pm
A look at what was trending during the Class of 2015's freshman year.
04/28/15 12:28am
In a room of no more than 40 people, Associate Dean of External Affairs at the School of Design Richard Fitzgerald said, “Five years from now when the iDesign prize is the hottest prize in the United States, you can say that you were here on this first night.”
04/28/15 12:02am
At Penn, Legal Studies and Business Ethics professor Kevin Werbach uses gamification techniques to motivate his students.
04/27/15 12:13am
Six of the ex-offenders, referred to as "clients," presented business pitches to SP2 professors in the culmination of the PREP program on Saturday.
04/23/15 12:31am
Twice a year, Penn hosts Penn Apps,  the longest-running college-sponsored hackathon.
04/15/15 11:47pm
Creative thinkers from around the world have ideas for how to innovate education and a few are bringing them to Penn’s Graduate School of Education.
04/14/15 11:56pm
If you are tired of flipping back and forth between Penn Course Review and Penn InTouch, three Penn students might have a solution.
04/13/15 11:05pm
BioBots provides a cheaper option for researchers who need to build 3D functional structures of living tissue.
04/13/15 1:38am
The donation will be used to establish the Price Lab for Digital Humanities, which aims to be this “hub” for humanities research that uses computer technology to aid students and faculty.
04/13/15 1:35am
Sunday was the annual installment of TEDxPenn, which brought together 19 different entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, artists and professors to give engaging talks and performances about everything from modern day “divination” to testing drugs on microchip simulations of human tissue.
04/09/15 1:29am
The Internet of Things will connect everyday products, from toothbrushes to couches to doors, to the Internet — and Penn faculty are at the forefront.
04/09/15 1:28am
On Wednesday, five Engineering seniors won the final round of Pennvention with their project BionUX, a design for a prosthetic arm with touch sensation.
04/07/15 3:12am
With construction of the Pennovation Center underway, innovation is all the rage at Penn — but many may not know that support and funding has been long available through a variety of channels within the University.
04/07/15 3:11am
The Grade, a mobile dating application targeted toward young females, composed a list of the best 25 colleges for online dating. Penn is No. 9 on the list, with an overall grade of A-.
04/07/15 1:20am
In late March, the Penn faculty startup and Penn Center for Innovation spinout company Gencore Systems secured $100,000 from Philadelphia’s StartUp PHL fund.
04/06/15 1:43am
A group of Penn researchers are beginning to find that our seemingly limitless expansion into space is not without its human costs.
04/01/15 12:01am
InstaSource is an on-demand service that provides technical and coding outsourcing for everyone.
03/31/15 11:56pm
As their senior design project, Engineering seniors Julia Sigal, Valerie Cohen, Jonathan Tieu and Sam Ettinger are creating a revolutionary bicycle helmet.
03/31/15 12:44am
The Weiss Tech Houses’s innovation competition gives entrepreneurs the skills they need to turn their ideas into reality.
03/25/15 1:58am
The decision was made mostly for financial reasons, Penn President Amy Gutmann said.
03/24/15 1:35am
Start-up mobile application Nibbly is a new destination for anyone interested in finding new restaurants that fit their tastes.
03/24/15 1:34am
While they might not be able use it on their endless trek down to the Engineering quad, a team of 35 Penn students have hand-built an electric race car that can exceed 100 miles per hour.
03/24/15 1:33am

Dual-degree program launches between Graduate School of Engineering and Law School

Unlike going to law school, the one-year program will not license students to practice law, but will give them a legal background and training in their respective fields. 
03/22/15 10:00am

Hexagon senior society unites upperclassmen engineers

The society has already tapped its potential members, and its first recruitment event, called "a smoker," was held on Wednesday night. Within a week, Hexagon will welcome their newest group of members. 
03/17/15 1:20am
Six students engineered their way into working at the nation’s most promising startups.
03/05/15 1:06am
Five Engineering seniors are changing the life of an 8-year-old boy while revolutionizing the field of 3-D printed prosthetics for their senior project.
02/26/15 1:59am
Wharton and Engineering seniors Ashwin Amurthur and Teddy Guenin are in the process of launching a company that will help limit the environmental impact of fracking.