03/30/16 2:21am
Twins might normally be compared for their similarities and differences, but only one set of twins can say they have been studied for their reactions to space flight versus time on Earth.
03/26/16 6:00am
Despite the name, a background in IT isn’t the most important part of being an IT Advisor. What is? Customer service.
03/24/16 10:52pm
Big Pharma is tapping into the vast pool of knowledge at Penn Medicine.
03/22/16 1:35am
Everipedia’s vision is to become the most accessible online encyclopedia that can be edited by members of the public.
03/21/16 11:16pm
Laptops can be distracting, and increasingly, many professors have begun to introduce laptop policies that determine when laptops can be used or whether they can be used at all.
03/21/16 2:08am
Oncora is a startup that compiles data from millions of patient records in order for doctors to gain predictive insight into what type of cancer treatment will work best for a patient, making the overall process more personalized.
03/20/16 11:35pm
The pair saw the potential demand for an application that would enable students to find a peer with a particular skill set and has worked for the past year and a half to bring their idea to life. 
03/17/16 2:35am
Students across the Philadelphia area gathered together on Feb. 24 at the University City Science Center’s Quorum to compete for thousands of dollars in prize money at the first-ever College Pitch Philly competition.
02/29/16 2:22am
Nearly 400 musicians from 64 countries signed up to participate in a 48-hour international music production competition operated by Engineering graduate student Nicholas Yiu called Mixathon48.
02/25/16 1:08am
With demolition underway at nearby Penn Tower, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology braces for impact.
02/23/16 1:20am
The congressional hearing, which plays into the determination of the federal budget, dealt with the role of the aircraft carrier in ensuring the superiority of the U.S. military’s naval power.
02/22/16 12:49am
In response to the lack of females in the industry, FemmeHacks was started at Drexel University by Engineering sophomore Andrea Baric, who transferred to Penn from Drexel last fall.  
02/15/16 2:18am
Three-and-a-half days of our lives are spent untangling earbuds. This is the premise on which 1994 Engineering graduate Vanessa Chan markets her new product loopit, a pair of earbuds that rarely tangle due to a patent pending magnetic clasp.
02/13/16 6:00am
Horizons, a coding bootcamp course that College and Wharton alumni Edward Lando and Abhi Ramesh will offer at Penn, seeks to give students real-world coding skills that they can use in their future careers.
02/11/16 11:47pm
Three Wharton and Engineering students have discovered a way to drastically speed up beer brewing, winning $10,000 in the process.
02/11/16 1:49am
If created, this algorithm could have major implications for the political scene, particularly after former CIA member Edward Snowden’s revelations of the information that the government has kept secret from the public.
02/11/16 1:29am
Engineering senior Hong Kim believes his new app, Otter, will help you find a date that's likely to last.
02/04/16 8:18pm
Most computer science courses are born from a professor's research or are part of a prescribed track within the major. But CIS 399: Foundations of Data Science — newly offered this semester — began with a few students and a good idea.
01/31/16 11:13pm
The Federal Aviation Agency estimated that more than 700,000 drones were sold during the last holiday season, making it one of the hottest selling toys in the last two years.
01/31/16 6:00am
Imagine a list containing every single Wawa location on the planet. Such an enormous amount of information seems impossible to conceive — but soon, computer science students at Penn will begin to make some sense of it.
01/30/16 6:00am
Futuristic advances in genetics are coming faster than we could have ever predicted, and scientific organizations are scrambling to unpack their potential ethical consequences.
01/29/16 6:00am
“Free two-day shipping” are familiar words for any Amazon Prime user. For Penn students, however, the promise of a speedy delivery often translates into extra days of delay and frustration.
01/28/16 12:29am
Wall Street and Silicon Valley may be 2,562 miles apart, but at Penn, finance and tech are becoming increasingly intertwined.
01/28/16 12:17am
So far, over 49,000 pages have been digitized and archived, out of the 158,000 that will eventually make up the collection.
01/25/16 1:01am
Early in the fall semester, staff members at Counseling and Psychological Services contracted out the development of an app designed specifically for students to improve and maintain their mental health.
01/25/16 12:34am
This year's PennApps winning project can send a piece of code from one computer to another using only radiofrequency—not wifi, ethernet or Bluetooth.
01/21/16 2:17am
A group of Penn professors is working to make tech failures a little less common.
01/19/16 10:45pm
PennApps, which takes place from Friday to Sunday, pits individual hackers and teams of up to four people in a 36-hour race against the clock to create innovative new hardware and software focusing on topics ranging from humor to health.
01/18/16 11:39pm
AppItUP, a competition run by Penn Center for Innovation, challenges anyone with a Penn email and a big idea to build a business.
12/09/15 1:30am
The program is not only a philanthropic endeavor that provides treatment for animals that otherwise may have to face amputation or euthanasia, but is also a learning opportunity for residents, interns, and students.