Student Life

03/19/14 9:09pm

New dining plan gives students their choice

Known as the Take Your Pick — or TYP — Plan, allows students to create their own plan by selecting one of three options for meal swipes and one of three options of Dining Dollar$.
03/19/14 5:55pm

Jazz and Grooves announce spring concert artist

"Digital psychedelic funk" artist Tobacco will headline the concert.
03/18/14 11:32pm

College freshman attends United Nations summit

Along with another Wharton and Engineering sophomore Nina Lu, College freshman Vidya Daryanani represented nongovernmental organization SustainUS, which works to promote sustainable development and gender equality.
03/18/14 11:17pm
Documents provided to The Daily Pennsylvanian by a former CAPS psychiatrist give a glimpse into the inner workings of an office that has come under scrutiny this semester after two suicides just weeks apart.
03/17/14 8:34pm
While you may not learn how to cook up meth, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Breaking Bad's creator, Vince Gilligan.
03/17/14 8:29pm

SAE eliminates pledging process

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, one of Penn’s largest fraternities, has become a no pledging institution.
03/06/14 7:19pm

Libraries in DRL and Towne buildings to be repurposed

Part of the Math, Physics and Astronomy Library in David Rittenhouse Laboratories will be converted to an active learning classroom and the Engineering Library in the Towne Building will close at the end of the semester.
03/06/14 1:09am

In wake of impeachment petition, UA presidential hopefuls make preparations

UA Vice President Gabe Delaney and UA Representative Joyce Kim, both college juniors, turned in their petitions to run for UA president today.
03/05/14 8:59pm
On Wednesday evening, SPEC Connaissance announced their spring speaker as Retta Sirleaf, also known as Donna Meagle from "Parks and Recreation."
03/04/14 10:22pm
On Tuesday, the Racial Dialogue Project hosted a discussion in the Greenfield Intercultural Center on how race and culture have shaped views on gender-based issues.
03/04/14 6:03pm

Penn students mentor Philadelphia high schoolers through student-founded organization

College Junior Katherine Mateo started Global Youth United when she was only a sophomore at Central High School in Philadelphia.
03/04/14 1:59am

UA postpones budget after petition to impeach president

The petition to impeach the UA president fell short by one vote, sources say
03/02/14 10:43pm

Class Boards to host mental wellness project

Class Boards plan to add to the mental health initiatives on campus and host the Wellness Project, working with CAPS to coordinate Mental Health Week and implementing Wellness Wednesdays.
03/02/14 7:44pm

New Program will restructure funding for Greek house maintenance

A new Greek Housing Improvements Program will give the Greek community access to over $10 million for housing improvements over the next five years.
03/02/14 7:42pm

Talking Circles: a new space for meditation

The first of a new series of semi-weekly "Talking Circles" was held on Friday evening at the Greenfield Intercultural Center.
02/27/14 11:14pm

Penn Reading Project to take student advice

With the click of a button, you could round up dozens of speakers, events, and activities at Penn that span an entire academic year. 
02/27/14 9:02pm

National LGBTQA science and tech group launches at Penn

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics held its kickoff event Thursday night in Skirkanich Hall.
02/26/14 10:42pm
College sophomores Alina Wong and Rachel Stewart and Wharton sophomore Roopa Shankar - all roommates - started baking for fun during their free time.
02/26/14 9:01pm

FERPA permits parental notification policy

A little-known University policy, which was cited in a recent campus study, states that if a student is hospitalized twice for alcohol or other drug use, the student's parents can be contacted.
02/24/14 11:40pm
In February, the United States observes Black History Month in celebration of the world's African diaspora. These are several selected moments in the history of the black community at Penn.