Student Life

02/17/15 10:32pm
It is a key tenet of our societal notions of justice and fairness that the judgement of a single individual, no matter how deeply we might trust that individual’s commitment to do what is right, is an insufficient basis upon which to decide that a person has committed a criminal act.
02/16/15 9:20pm
ANNEKA DECARO is a College freshman from Austin, TX. Her email address is
02/16/15 1:38am
While many of our peer institutions also offer community space and more financial aid resources to international students, the request for an extended ISO, a proper transition to campus, is simple to satisfy.
02/03/15 12:14am
As students, we are not only expected to succeed, but we are in a sense not even allowed to not succeed. Academically, professionally and socially we are surrounded by an overabundance of paths to reach “success.”
01/15/15 12:10pm
I spent three weeks in bed, unsure of what to do with myself. I was used to my Penn state of bouncing from one activity to the next with barely any time in between to eat, let alone reflect on my life.
12/10/14 3:57am
School of Social Policy and Practice graduate student Erica Sokol launched StudentsCare, a system which matches cancer patients with college students to develop friendships.
12/10/14 1:12am
Anneka DeCaro is a College freshman. Her email address is
12/10/14 12:33am
Our unforgivingly competitive and pre-professional environment teaches us to place getting ahead before genuine human connection. But too many people get caught up in the flow of “every man for himself,” and too many students bristle at sharing notes for fear that someone else might get a chance to excel.
12/10/14 12:28am
More information exists at your fingertips than ever before, but how much do you really know about what’s going on in the world?
12/09/14 4:36pm
Recently, my fellow columnist Yessenia Gutierrez wrote about challenging the misguided notions about low-income students being “privileged” and “lucky” for not having to pay tuition.
12/09/14 12:00am
There’s a standard saying about college — out of studying, socializing and sleeping, you choose two. In reality, our responsibilities are much more nuanced and we often neglect to completely fulfill certain aspects of our lives.
12/08/14 12:02am
Hannah Rosenfeld is a College sophomore from Tokyo. Her email address is
12/02/14 10:42pm
Anneka DeCaro is a College freshman. Her email address is
12/01/14 8:26pm
This Thanksgiving, my sister was back from her first semester of college, already a little bit overwhelmed.
12/01/14 8:24pm
I found the list scrawled in last summer’s notebook, buried in my desk drawer back home. “To Do at Penn: Don’t get too stressed about grades.
12/01/14 12:41pm
The University launched the 24/7 HELP line on Monday morning.
11/24/14 11:23pm

Guest column by Devan Spear | Reclaiming the Undergraduate Assembly

Even more indicative of the problems with the political process of the Penn Undergraduate Assembly was the widespread propagation of the idea that the UA is not the place for activist work.
11/24/14 11:16pm
The problem ... stems from the fact that people conflate freedom of speech with being given a microphone and a pat on the back.
11/19/14 9:29pm
Fraternity pledges are stripped of their belongings and clothing and forced to parade around. New student leaders are verbally belittled before assuming their positions.  Members of a club are dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, doused with alcohol  comma and pressured to drink.
11/18/14 9:15pm
There are plenty of people walking around with fancy positions who haven’t accomplished much. And then there are those without any formal recognitions who will always be remembered for the impact that they have had.