Student Life

10/24/17 6:11pm
In March, Penn President Amy Gutmann appointed a chief diversity officer, but graduate students say a fully staffed physical office is still necessary to support diversity efforts. 
10/23/17 11:43pm
The conference, titled "Under the Gun: A Conference on State Violence & Black Populations,” was organized by Africana Studies professor Michael Hanchard. 
10/23/17 11:30pm
Vite! is a mobile networking application that gives students a way to share all forms of formal and informal contact information quickly. 
10/23/17 3:48pm
Quakers for Life, a student group opposed to abortion, protested outside Van Pelt Library on Monday using nearly twenty graphic pictures of aborted fetuses. 
10/22/17 10:31pm
A hundred students from across Penn’s schools are selected through an application to attend the full-day conference that featured speaker events and networking opportunities.
10/22/17 10:28pm
When parties are shut down, the student-run Judicial Inquiry Board of the Interfraternity Council convenes to determine the case's severity and to dole out an appropriate punishment.  
10/22/17 9:25pm
Hill resident and College freshman Mehr Mehta said she paid for express shipping for a package that only arrived two days after it was supposed to.
10/22/17 7:19pm
Fulfilling your College requirements can be tough. Consider taking a class that double counts to take some strain off.
10/20/17 11:23pm
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Steven J. Fluharty said Penn is looking into McKellop's actions in the classroom, but added that she had not been removed from her program. 
10/20/17 10:35pm
Rogers’ mother addressed the crowd and encouraged everyone to use their love of Henry to make an impact. 
10/20/17 10:27pm
The group wrote that the definition of “underrepresented black students” should apply only to those whose families have been in the United States for more than two generations.
10/20/17 9:14pm
Administrators said the high turnout was likely due to the timing of the clinic and a new, "eye-catching" advertising campaign. 
10/20/17 8:41pm
PennFems, which aims to provide a space for students to discuss issues surrounding feminism, was born out of a PAGE program for freshman. 
10/20/17 6:45pm
“We think that because we’re educated and go to a school like Penn, we don’t have social learning to do, and that’s false,” College senior Reece Sisto.
10/20/17 11:28am
Brill said it might be the right moment for tax reform, but added that he isn’t holding his breath “It’s been 31 years since lawmakers did something called tax reform," he said. 
10/18/17 11:55pm
Benitez will spend one year on probation to complete his program, while Loginov will serve two years on probation to complete his program, according to their respective court dockets.
10/18/17 11:15pm
To apply for leaves of absences, students have to shuttle between a variety of different administrative departments, from SRFS to Penn Residential Services. 
10/18/17 10:52pm
“In my geology class, we haven't even turned in a single assignment. I didn’t know if I was doing anything right. It was pretty impossible to gauge where I was at,” College sophomore Eliza Halpin said.
10/18/17 10:05pm
For the third year, Penn ranks first in producing billionaire alumni including Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett. 
10/18/17 7:05pm
Called the PRISim Suite Judgement Trainer, the machine lets officers speak with simulated suspects and control simulations of firearms.