Student Life

10/14/17 12:20am
 "People were sharing a lot; people were vulnerable, and most importantly, people were listening." 
10/13/17 5:37pm
Last year, the project received funding from the U.S. State Department, which has said that the project has been a success. 
10/12/17 12:17am
NCH cost $125 million to build, which is some $45 million more than the budget allocated for Hill's renovations. 
10/11/17 11:48pm
All Penn students have to pay Penn tuition when they take a semester abroad, but this can often be more than the tuition of the school they are actually studying at. 
10/11/17 11:01pm
The four-year college houses at Penn are: Harrison, Gregory, Stouffer, W.E.B. Du Bois and New College House.
10/11/17 9:37pm
IFC President Bradley Freeman said the council has not been able to work on establishing the position because the semester has been "hectic" with "the task force and registered events."
10/11/17 8:32pm
Relief organizations struggle to help those trapped in rural areas in the interior of the island, since there is often little data on roadways, buildings and even entire towns. 
10/11/17 7:53pm
From high-profile political figures like Ivanka Trump to Grammy-award-winning celebrities like John Legend, find out where Penn's most celebrated alumni lived at Penn
10/11/17 7:14pm
The consequences of violations across college houses are often inconsistent. For example, smoking in Riepe is a $50 fine, but smoking in Rodin is a $100 fine. 
10/11/17 5:34pm
Wharton senior Henry Rogers is the third Penn student to die this semester. 
10/11/17 5:25pm
"Walmart is not the sexiest brand to work for," College senior Aaron Lai told Bloomberg, but as a computational biology major, he found the analytics side of the retail industry interesting.
10/11/17 4:53pm
“The regents have voted to dumb down the discourse on UW campuses, to restrict robust debate, and to tell students that their views matter less than those of visiting provocateurs." 
10/11/17 3:36pm
“As a transfer, it’s a little bit harder because people already have their friend groups. It’s nice to get to know people right away on your floor," College junior August Gebhard-Koenigstein said.
10/11/17 3:18pm
Tik Tak users can write anonymous posts that will be seen by other users nearby. Users can also vote up or down on posts or leave comments on the posts. 
10/10/17 10:34pm
Founded last semester, Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment is dedicated to raising awareness about issues relevant to international refugees and migrants on campus. 
10/10/17 8:38pm
The application process for funding has numerous steps and can last up to nearly two months.
10/09/17 9:58pm
“Alumni will ask, ‘Oh, where in the Quad do you live?’ It’s been around for so long that everyone knows it’s the place to be," Ware resident and College freshman Zach Zamore said. 
10/09/17 4:00pm
The deans of each undergrad school had previously been able to choose whether or not to inform their constituent faculty members, leaving swaths of faculty uninformed of student deaths. 
10/08/17 7:11pm
Penn publicizes its general, undergraduate acceptance rate each year, but does not release the precise admissions statistics governing internal transfers or dual degrees. 
10/06/17 3:04am
Launched this semester, the Anti-Violence Engagement Network has already formed partnerships with Penn Democrats, Sigma Nu fraternity and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention.