Student Life

04/16/17 9:51pm
There was an extensive application process to gain admission to the course, and students were notified via email whether or not they had been accepted. According to the email sent out to applicants, over 250 people applied for only 70 spots.
04/16/17 9:19pm
This past weekend, ten Penn students took the stage in Arch Auditorium to perform original monologues as part of Penn Monologues’ eighth annual production.
04/13/17 7:11pm
“Before going abroad, I was worried something like this was going to happen, but not in Sweden," College junior Lacey Chaum said. "It was the first time I ever felt like Stockholm was unsafe.”
04/11/17 9:01pm
It is no secret that interest in computer science is skyrocketing. At Penn, the Computer Science and Information Sciences department is working to create a “richer selection” of courses that will appeal to students of all backgrounds. 
04/11/17 8:15pm
"The ingredients required for Passover meals are substantially more expensive. Additional steps are also required for preparing the meals," Penn Director of Hospitality Services Pam Lampitt said in an email. 
04/11/17 7:40pm
College junior Michelle and College sophomore Jay Shah ran together on a platform targeting the five biggest issues they feel affect students on Penn’s campus.
04/11/17 6:51pm
"The Class of 2021 Facebook group will remain active this year, barring any unforeseen issues,” Vice Dean and Director of Marketing and Communications Kathryn Bezella said in an emailed statement. 
04/10/17 10:39pm
“I am continually amazed by the curiosity, the enthusiasm and the genuine desire for learning on the part of the Penn medical students,” professor of clinical medicine David Jaffe said. 
04/10/17 9:44pm
Nursing seniors Marcus Henderson and Ian McCurry are recipients of the 2017 President’s Engagement Prize, which awards $100,000 to put towards their project. 
04/10/17 9:23pm
What was once known as Film at the International House Philadelphia is now called Lightbox Film Center. The freshly dubbed center remains part of IHP but will exercise greater independence under its new name.
04/10/17 9:12pm
Announced as one of the winners of the President’s Engagement Prizes last week, the group of students behind Lanzado Lideres — a bilingual, community-based program for high school students in South Philadelphia — will focus on developing the project over the course of the next year. 
04/09/17 11:26pm
The Penn Museum opened a new exhibition on Saturday, April 9 that explores the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq. The exhibition features contemporary art — a first for the museum.
04/09/17 10:26pm
Yelp and Twitter may not be the most obvious places to gather information regarding health care and hospital management, but Penn Medicine’s new Center for Digital Health will do just that. The center, which emerged out of Penn Medicine’s Social Media Laboratory, will advance the work already started by its new director, Raina Merchant, who is also the associate vice president of Penn’s Health System.
04/07/17 8:01am
“There is not one healing path for everyone,” activist Rachel McKibbens said in her keynote speech. “Tonight is not what fixes [rape culture], but hopefully it will be a catalyst." 
04/06/17 9:24pm
The grand prize winner, Pinch, developed an automated kiosk that dispenses various spices, herbs and seasonings in grocery stores.
04/06/17 9:21pm
Masters student in the Graduate School of Education Latoria Eason said that the University climate ostracizes graduate students with families, which in turn encourages many students not to have children while earning their degree
04/06/17 7:10pm
“You can pursue success in the outer way," Devamrita Swami said, "which is what the media presents––fame, fortune, and social status."
04/04/17 11:08pm
Spring of 1973 saw not only the first Spring Fling, but the first handheld cellular call, the opening of the World Trade Center, and the rise of the Watergate scandal. Songs like "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn dominated the Billboard charts.
04/04/17 10:36pm
“We thought it would be meaningful for people of all different backgrounds to come together and have meaningful conversations about their identity, their relationship to religion and what that might mean today," TableTalks Co-Chair and College sophomore Sophia Simon said.
04/04/17 9:47pm
“A lot of us talk about jobs we’re going into after school, but it would be great to also have people talk about the charities they want to donate to and the impact they want to make in the world,” Wharton and Engineering senior Shayna Fertig said.