04/24/17 9:48pm
College sophomore Sarah Lentz received an internship offer to work with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Oh.) just before Election Day. Now, she said she is feeling apprehensive about working in Washington, D.C..
04/23/17 9:13pm
Power’s speech focused on the global refugee crisis, in light of not only President Donald Trump’s restrictions on refugee admission but also the sheer magnitude of the crisis, the “largest displacement crisis since the Second World War.” 
04/23/17 9:03pm
Although Trump’s revised travel ban for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries no longer applies to international students in the United States who have a valid visa, it has still affected students’ plans for the summer.
04/20/17 6:40pm
Harvard sophomore and President of the group, Conor Healy told the Harvard Crimson that the groups hopes to “[test] the university’s policies on free speech." 
04/19/17 11:51pm
“What we’re going through right now is result of mistakes and policy errors," Forbes said at a College Republicans event. "The good news is that errs can be overcome and mistakes can be corrected and we can move forward.” 
04/19/17 10:05pm
Under the proposed budget, TRIO — a consortium of programs that includes Upward Bound — would have its budget slashed by 10 percent. GEAR UP, a state and partnership grant program for public schools in low-income neighborhoods, would lose one third of its federal funding.
04/18/17 5:27pm
After initially defending a professor’s controversial tweets as free speech, documents show Drexel is now launching an investigation.
04/17/17 8:50pm
“I’m closer to the student body,” College freshman Harrison Meyer said. “You know, I can understand them more easily than the current board — the current board makes very little effort to reach out to the students.” 
04/17/17 6:11pm
Students for Justice in Palestine are hosting "Israeli Apartheid Week" for the second time at Penn despite receiving backlash last year.
04/17/17 5:30pm
Stanford University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin noted the university’s nonprofit status as being an integral component of decisions regarding the image’s use.
04/13/17 7:11pm
“Before going abroad, I was worried something like this was going to happen, but not in Sweden," College junior Lacey Chaum said. "It was the first time I ever felt like Stockholm was unsafe.”
04/12/17 9:10pm
“Everything we can do to make the voting experience more trustworthy and more efficient is a step towards ensuring higher participation in our democratic processes,” student author and Wharton MBA student Michael Windle said.
04/10/17 10:07pm

GOP and Green Party contest new Dem representative in North Philly with claims of illegal electioneering

Republican nominee Lucinda Little and Green Party nominee Cheri Honkala claim that democrats used intimidation techniques to win the election. 
04/10/17 6:50pm
Following the executive orders of the immigration ban on the entry of refugees from Muslim-majority countries, some universities announced that they will be providing free summer housing for international students impacted by the orders. 
04/09/17 10:51pm
The event represented an effort by Penn Dems to bolster relations with the Pennsylvania College Democrats.
04/05/17 11:51pm
Jon Huntsman, Jr. became a Quaker in 1985 — to the complete surprise of most of the over 100 classmates The Daily Pennsylvanian reached out to about him.
04/03/17 10:58pm
"I do want to emphasize though that potential protests played absolutely no role in the cancellation of event," College Republicans political director and Wharton sophomore Owen O'Hare said in a text message. 
04/02/17 10:58pm
Members of the Wharton Class of 2004 who remembered Trump generally described her as polished, hardworking and nice. Like her father, she transferred to Penn before her junior year, and she wasn’t particularly involved in Penn’s social scene.
03/30/17 10:08pm
The Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the new unpaid position of assistant to the president grants Trump her own office in the West Wing, security clearance and communication devices.
03/30/17 9:04pm
“It’s great to be here as a part of Penn not paying tuition,” Biden said. His two children and two grandchildren graduated from Penn. “You all have an A as far as I’m concerned.”