01/21/17 3:36pm
Nearly every Penn student knows now how former Vice President Joe Biden plans to "set up shop" at Penn now that his term is completed, but the Delaware native has long had a close relationship with the University. 
01/21/17 1:05pm
The Washington Post reported that the number of people using the metro to get into the city to march is already higher than it was for the inauguration yesterday. 
01/21/17 12:52pm
At 3:30 p.m. on Friday, a group of about two dozen Penn students gathered in front of the Benjamin Franklin statue on College Green as part of a walkout organized by Penn Students for a Democratic Society to protest the inauguration. 
01/20/17 4:26pm
Three days before the Donald Trump's inauguration, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he would rather see former President George W. Bush back in office. 
01/20/17 12:42pm
Trump frequently referenced his Wharton degree while campaigning, arguing that his Ivy League credentials have sharpened his business acumen. 
01/19/17 8:55pm

Excitement for Trump is at all-time high for College Republicans

College Republicans President and Wharton junior Sean Egan explained that Friday will be a good day for the club even though many of its members were skeptical of Trump throughout the election.
01/18/17 10:32pm
The Penn 4 Biden initiative began with a simple petition for students to show interest in having Biden move to the university after his term in office. Petition responses largely focused on the value of having the vice president as a “mentor and someone to look up to” at Penn, Reich said.
01/18/17 9:12pm

NBC's Willie Geist talks Trump, journalism and protests

Willie Geist, the host of NBC’s “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist” and co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” joined student reporters from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Miami and New York University in a phone conference on Wednesday, where he talked all things media, politics and of course, 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump.
01/18/17 8:00pm
“We will be a force of solidarity, and a message to Trump, the new administration, and to the country.” Nursing sophomore Du’aa Moharram said. “It is now critical for student groups to be active allies together.”
01/18/17 7:43pm
Congressman Dwight Evans (D-Pa.), whose district includes Penn’s campus, has decided to not attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday.
01/16/17 12:28am
“We are entering a period of unusual uncertainty," professor Rogers Smith said.
01/13/17 4:46pm
This comes just days after Biden was caught on a hot microphone confirming his decision to come to Penn after he leaves the White House.
01/12/17 10:02pm
In the wake of a divisive and tumultuous election, some students at Penn aren’t ready to see Obama go.
01/12/17 9:32pm
The former West Philadelphia politician — whose district included Penn's campus — was convicted of a series of racketeering and corruption charges last year.
01/12/17 8:38pm
Biden recently confirmed that he would be "based out of Penn for foreign policy" after leaving office on a hot mic at the mock swearing-in ceremony for senators.
01/11/17 10:13pm
The chairman of Portland Community College’s board of directors, Gene Pitts, has resigned from his position after the school’s vote last month to adopt the sanctuary campus label.
01/11/17 7:40pm
The team’s research has real-world applications on a personal level and the national level. The systems they study are the same systems that protect email accounts of regular people and the classified accounts of government officials.
01/10/17 8:38pm
Despite sparking national controversy, the historically black Talladega College confirmed that its marching band will perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade.
01/10/17 7:52pm
The Women's March on Washington, organized in response to the election of 1968 Wharton graduate and President-elect Donald Trump, aims to "join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore" and to counter "rhetoric of the past election cycle."
01/05/17 12:41pm
Clayton is currently a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, a New York law firm that represents Wall Street titans, most notably Goldman Sachs Inc. He returned to Penn for law school, graduating in 1993. He also holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Cambridge.