02/06/17 8:09pm
College junior and PFRJ co-founder Esther Cohen said PFRJ distinguishes itself from being labeled as pro-choice, instead opting for the label of reproductive rights advocates, in order to remain “inclusive and lead to more activism.”
02/06/17 6:25pm
“The book started as a reaction to the election of Trump, and the effects it had on me as a transgirl, the LGBT community, and so many of us who were terrified of what the regime could bring to this country after so much progress had been made as far as our visibility and rights,” McCool said.
02/06/17 6:18pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann, along with Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber, helped draft a letter to President Donald Trump criticizing his executive order on immigration.
02/05/17 11:27pm
The wealthiest colleges in America may soon need to give a quarter of the donations they receive to middle-class financial aid or risk their charitable status. 
02/05/17 10:03pm
Jon Ehrens, a local WHYY radio host and producer of “Radio Times,” moderated the event and fielded questions from the audience.
02/05/17 9:49pm
Greenberg had worked in Miami-Dade County for 33 years, first as first assistant county attorney before earning the title county attorney.
02/05/17 8:42pm
Even in light of the near-constant protests his administration have provoked on campus and across the country, the faith some Penn students have in Trump's leadership hasn’t wavered.
02/05/17 4:13pm
Despite the cold, close to 2,000 people, including Penn students, gathered in City Center on Saturday to march against President Trump’s recent executive orders. 
02/02/17 9:01pm
When leaving the U.S. to go to Turkey during spring break in 2015, Osama Ahmed, a 2016 College and Wharton graduate, was approached by two men in muscle t-shirts. They demanded that he follow them, and they opened their jackets to reveal guns and police badges. 
02/02/17 7:57pm
In January alone, three bills have been proposed in Congress to curb the H-1B visa program. Potential changes include increasing the minimum salaries of H-1B visa holders from $60,00 to $130,000 and changing the visa lottery system to a “preference system” that would give priority to students educated in the U.S.
02/02/17 7:41pm
The letter is direct: "We write as presidents of leading American colleges and universities to urge you to rectify or rescind the recent executive order closing our country’s borders to immigrants and others from seven majority-Muslim countries and to refugees from throughout the world," it reads.
02/02/17 7:03pm

Students march through campus on Thursday night to protest Trump's immigration ban

The purpose of the march was to both protest Trump’s Executive Order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations and to show solidarity with members of the Penn community affected by the order.
02/02/17 1:40pm
The group was started by two pro-choice students who said they wish “to offer fact-based pro-choice resources for reproductive rights advocates,” according to the group’s description on Facebook.
02/01/17 10:08pm
Students at the discussion commented on the pink “pussyhats” worn by protesters at the Women’s March. Some were concerned that the hats were not inclusive of transgender women, while others cited the importance of the hats as a symbol of unified opposition to President Donald Trump.
02/01/17 9:54pm
“The impacts of fading Obamacare are especially dangerous for both women and young people,” College freshman Lucy Ma said.
02/01/17 9:48pm
At Penn — where sexual assault has long been the focus of both student activism and administrative attention — potential rollback of federal guidelines on sexual misconduct is unlikely to have any serious impact.
02/01/17 9:11pm
College and Wharton freshman Michael Moroz said the University should not take a stance on political issues, such as Trump's executive order on immigration, because it “threatens to alienate students who hold reasonable but different beliefs from many on this campus.”
02/01/17 3:59pm
Holding white flowers handed out during the gathering, participants stood silently while speakers stepped up to the microphone one by one to share their messages of solidarity. 
01/31/17 9:59pm
American Constitutional Law professor Rogers Smith wrote, “Neil Gorsuch has elite credentials — the son of a Cabinet official and a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law, like Barack Obama with whom he overlapped in law school.”
01/31/17 8:10pm
“If you’re open you should be open to hearing people’s differences and move on,” one Wharton student said. “I like to consider myself a feminist, and being pro-life shouldn’t take that away.”