01/28/17 12:15pm
In his speech, Vice President Mike Pence pledged to defund national organizations that sponsor abortions, such as Planned Parenthood, and vowed that Trump would appoint a pro-life nominee to fill the vacancy left by late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.
01/26/17 7:55pm
“None of us have six degrees of separation anymore from the criminal justice system,” Marie Gottschalk said. “It’s metastasizing into our wider democracy and questioning the legitimacy of democracy in the United States.”
01/26/17 7:49pm
"This is not a dictatorship. This is a democracy. We will take avail of every opportunity we have to protect our citizens and protect our people who are living in our city,” the first-term mayor said, according to 6abc.
01/26/17 7:42pm
"This is the most unpredictable and ominous climate for the City of Philadelphia I have seen in my 17 years in office," Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke said in the press release.
01/26/17 3:12pm
Many protestors held signs denouncing the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Bob Deleon, who carried a poster that read 'Obamacare saved my father', said that the affordability of health insurance under Obamacare helped his father get the care he needed when he had a heart attack in 2015. 
01/26/17 2:19pm
The draft of the order demands a 30-day halt on immigration from several countries that have already been labelled as linked to terrorism under various laws, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. 
01/25/17 9:58pm
“This is not a dictatorship,” Kenney said, according to 6abc. “This is a democracy. We will take avail of every opportunity we have to protect our citizens and protect our people who are living in our city.”
01/25/17 8:49pm
“We need to come together to undo the isolation of the Trump campaign,” College freshman Lilly Balla said. “You can’t ignore 3 million people.”
01/25/17 8:36pm
As the first Penn graduate elected as the President sets up shop in the Oval Office, the brief career at the University of the only other Penn-affiliated President, William Henry Harrison, resurfaces.
01/25/17 8:31pm
“It was hysterical to see him on CNN and all the news networks, because there’s your friend running for president,” Tony Altimore said. 
01/24/17 10:06pm
Danish journalist and author Flemming Rose argued that the only valid limitations on free speech are restrictions on speech that incites violence. Other than that form, he said all speech should be tolerated.
01/24/17 8:29pm

High school students admitted as amici curiae in Harvard admissions lawsuit

Students for Fair Admissions, which opposes affirmative action in college admissions, is contending in court that Harvard's admissions policies are disadvantageous for Asian American applicants.
01/24/17 8:27pm

White nationalist website calls for arrest of Dean of Harvard College

Two Harvard University officials were targeted last week in a blog post on "VDARE," a white nationalist website promoting strict anti-immigration laws.
01/24/17 6:58pm
Not far from the Penn graduate taking the oath of highest office, inside the Capitol Building, was another Penn alumna. Behind the scenes, this recent grad was involved in the inauguration in another capacity: she helped to plan it.
01/24/17 3:16pm
As of Jan. 23, he was omitted from the University Archives and Records Center's list of alumni heads of state or government. Trump's name was added on Jan. 24, after The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board reached out to him about the issue.
01/23/17 9:06pm
Nine Penn professors were among several hundred academics to sign an open letter to federal officials opposing President Donald Trump’s appointment of Ben Carson as secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the Philly Voice reported.
01/23/17 8:40pm
State funding represented less than one percent of the University’s overall budget in 2017, but the consequences would fall disproportionately on some schools rather than others. For instance, losing state funding could badly hurt Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine. 
01/23/17 6:20pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian reached out to the former Economics Department head and eight professors who taught economics at the time. Only one agreed to an interview.
01/22/17 7:51pm

Penn Law professor and District Attorney candidate Joe Khan says he wants to 'send a message' to Donald Trump

"The District Attorney’s office is going to have to be a bulwark against what appears to be likely excesses and infringements of the federal government. The best example I can give is Donald Trump has pledged to institute bans on Muslims in the country. If he is going to attempt to follow through on those threats, then I think it’s important that the people of Philadelphia understand that there is somebody on their side trying to stop that."
01/22/17 6:55pm

What does Trump's nominee for education secretary mean for Penn?

President and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump’s billionaire nominee for the typically uncontroversial secretary of education position, Betsy DeVos, has faced substantial scrutiny.