02/13/18 8:27pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif. 
02/12/18 8:00am
Throughout the entire journey, from hopping onto a packed trolley car to emerging aboveground through the beautiful glass head house of Dilworth Park, I feel completely immersed in the Philadelphia community. 
02/12/18 8:00am
Despite many fraternities’ cult-like efforts to keep pledging under wraps to avoid prosecution, most Penn students have heard accounts from pledges about sleepless nights, humiliating activities, and servant-type orders from pledge masters.
02/11/18 7:28pm
The moment our phones are held up in our hands and our headphones in, walls are put up and barriers are created.
02/11/18 4:33pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College freshman from Penn Valley, Pa.
02/10/18 8:00am
I went through an administrative process only to end with links to readily available databases. My CAPS experience wasn’t a referral as much as it was a brush-off.
02/09/18 8:00am
No matter how much it’s stigmatized, how unusual it might be to be open to talking about it, my anxiety and depression have taught me to care for myself.
02/08/18 10:51pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif.
02/08/18 10:36pm
CLAUDIA LI is a College senior from Santa Clara, Calif.
02/07/18 11:49pm
I’m glad my decision to attend the parade won’t be hampered by a class absence, but if the parade were as important to me as it seems to be to some people, I’d happily chug a couple green beers, rub some dirt on that shiny attendance record, and go make memories. 
02/07/18 8:24pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla. 
02/06/18 9:24pm
I had the most fun I’ve ever had in this city. For the first time in my academic career here at Penn, I felt like a Philadelphian.
02/06/18 2:48pm
By not suspending University operations, Penn — Philadelphia’s single largest private employer — isolates its community from the city at large. 
02/06/18 11:58am
Pulling trig has become the holy cure for a wild night of debauchery, but no one seems to know exactly what it does.
02/06/18 11:57am
CASSANDRA JOBMAN is a College freshman from Garland, Texas.
02/06/18 11:54am
VERONICA FENTON is a College freshman from Penn Valley, Pa.
02/06/18 11:42am
The awkwardness of meandering through a question you don’t quite know how to ask shouldn’t stop us.
02/03/18 8:00am
What do we do when something we love becomes something we hate?
02/02/18 7:30am
My respect for a professor goes up exponentially if they can open up about their struggles because it shows perseverance and resilience.
02/01/18 7:30am
One day not too far away, Locust Walk, which I trek up and down every day in mundane familiarity, will become a path of memories I can only trace in my mind.