02/25/18 8:53pm
CASSANDRA JOBMAN is a College freshman from Garland, Texas.
02/25/18 6:52pm
The lives of racial minorities should not be used as horseplay for political banter. This is a realm where viewpoints from the right seek to silence those who have already been traditionally suppressed.
02/23/18 4:57pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif.
02/22/18 7:36pm
I don’t know why Professor Wax has engaged in so much misleading conduct. Maybe it’s a clear-eyed scheme to con people who gullibly swallow any horror story about universities.
02/22/18 6:53pm
One of the deepest benefits of my education has been teaching myself to unlearn. Unlearning that our natural outlook is the objectively best one.
02/22/18 2:17am
When people respond to anti-Asian sentiment with anti-blackness, we distance ourselves further from combating white supremacy.
02/21/18 11:23pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College freshman from Penn Valley, Pa.
02/21/18 8:42pm
Imagine another four years with the same people you’ve come to know and love.
02/20/18 10:25pm
Despite this widespread trauma and the demands that follow, our nation has yet to make real progress in enacting common sense gun reform. 
02/20/18 8:35pm
In high school, I wanted more than anything to move away from Indiana and never return. Now that I’ve gotten my wish, I miss it with a longing ache.   
02/20/18 6:18pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/20/18 8:00am
To live the way someone would have wanted us to live is a grand, beautiful task, because it requires intimate knowledge of the person we lost and it acknowledges that they were more than some casualty in the circle of life.
02/19/18 11:21pm
CASSANDRA JOBMAN is a College freshman from Garland, Texas.
02/19/18 8:25pm
I was cast as a fill-in last year, and somehow in 17 years of the production, that was the first to include trans performers.
02/18/18 2:15pm
We should not view the process of changing campus culture as an interview where one individual asks questions and the other has answers.
02/17/18 7:14pm
CAPS is deeply appreciative of the superb and sustained institutional support we enjoy from President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett.
02/16/18 8:00am
While women have often taken the initiative to discuss matters of sexual assault and violence, the absence of men in these spaces speaks louder than words. 
02/15/18 8:42pm
We soaked in Philadelphia in all its brilliant, flashy, beeping, honking, waving, screaming, shouting splendor
02/14/18 9:26pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/14/18 9:19pm
We must guard diligently against rewriting the past just to please the popular opinion of the day and to make people comfortable in contemporary society.