04/01/18 10:54pm
The controversies surrounding Donald Trump as a shady businessman, uncouth politician, groping womanizer, and increasingly failed president should be motivation enough for the University to take a bold stand.
03/29/18 2:02am
Christianity for me was not the end to the search for meaning, but rather, something that pointed me to where I should search.
03/29/18 1:32am
The night at the drag show showed me a new level of confidence I know I can adapt in my daily life.
03/28/18 8:36pm
The Pesach story is essential to an understanding of Jewish history and destiny, but some of its lessons would seem to be significant for anyone living through this frantic, globalized, postmodern moment.
03/27/18 10:55pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
03/27/18 10:10pm
Given that Dean Ruger has made claims about the grades of UPenn black students, he should make public the data that he submitted to the Law School Admissions Council.
03/27/18 10:08pm
Penn students should be trusted to make the most of their study abroad experiences, both academically and personally, without being limited by the narrow metric of the GPA.
03/27/18 12:50am
Underneath the perfect facade of the superstar student, there are always doubts, and even regrets, about the choices they have made. There are infinite paths we can all go.
03/27/18 12:42am
I believe that Dean Ruger's actions against Amy Wax at Penn Law — responding to public pressure no less — were reprehensible, and deserve to be condemned.
03/26/18 5:26am
It’s time for Asian Americans to stop talking about their struggles in the “API community,” without actually knowing anything about the PI community.
03/26/18 3:05am
VERONICA FENTON is a College freshman from Penn Valley, Pa.
03/25/18 7:06pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif.
03/22/18 12:15am
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
03/22/18 12:13am
Penn might not be “the best” school in the Ivy League, but let me pose an important question: why does it matter? And why does it hurt our egos so much? Four years go by too quickly to walk around with chips on our shoulders. 
03/22/18 12:10am
Wax’s general and anecdotal observations may be distasteful and impolitic, but equating them with a breach of privacy to further “her scholarly ends,” as Ruger puts it, seems dishonest.
03/21/18 8:49pm
Walking down Locust between the snarties connected me with multiple groups I’d otherwise have no business associating with, and connected me to my peers in a way that could only come about here and now.
03/21/18 7:03pm
Rather than contribute to the volumes of verbiage that already take up so much space, and having listened to you for so many years, I thought I would just tell a story.  
03/20/18 10:55pm
CASSANDRA JOBMAN is a College freshman from Garland, Texas.
03/19/18 11:21pm
I feel as if there is something wrong with me, especially because everyone around me seems to be moving on. And for the first time in my life, I don’t know what’s going to happen.
03/19/18 9:37pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif.