09/06/17 12:48am
No clean resolutions are likely in any story like this—complete with blotted memories, bias and alcohol-fueled chaos. 
09/05/17 10:03pm
This isn't the first time Gutmann has made statements in favor of immigrant rights.
09/05/17 6:08pm
The incident prompted DPS to send out a UPenn Alert at 2:06 am which described it as a burglary. 
09/05/17 12:00am
“There have been a lot of programs in the past that have promised savings and not materialized savings, [but] this program at Penn appears to be very, very successful.”
09/05/17 12:00am
The all-female comedy troupe, Bloomers, has changed their constitution to be more inclusive to gender non-conforming students.
09/04/17 11:36pm
Out of 800 Engineering students majoring in computer science at Penn, only 46, which is less than 6 percent, self-identified as an underrepresented minority. 
09/04/17 9:03pm
The class has averaged a 3.89 out of 4.00 in difficulty on Penn Course Review.
09/04/17 8:39pm
Living off-campus often requires students to produce large sums of money upfront, which can be a challenge for students on financial aid. 
09/04/17 5:32pm
“Here in Philadelphia the sun is shining, but back home people are legitimately drowning to save their children.”
09/04/17 2:46pm
For the first time this year, Penn set the move-in date for international students to two days prior to NSO. The Assembly of International Students say this isn't enough. 
09/03/17 6:24pm
Last semester, Fossil Free Penn wrote a document outlining their demands and promising that if action was not taken by September, they would return in full force. They weren't kidding. 
09/03/17 5:38pm
The Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan aims to reduce litter in the city and end the city’s use of landfills and conventional incinerators by 2035. 
09/02/17 7:56pm
"Nick was and always will be a beloved brother of Sigma Alpha Mu," the group said. "In all that he did on Penn's campus, Nick embodied the main tenets of our brotherhood and he will be greatly missed."
09/01/17 10:01am
The student, Nicholas Moya, formerly lived in Ware College House and had been president of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.
08/31/17 8:25pm
The email included a list of campus resources for support at Penn and provided links to local organizations on the ground in Houston for those wishing to contribute. 
08/31/17 7:16pm
"I think the cancer world is forever changed.”
08/31/17 6:23pm
Spectrum Scores will allow users to search, rate, and review health care providers based on LGBTQ+ specific metrics. 
08/31/17 12:01pm
“Congrats, you’ve made it to the top university in the world!!” writes the opening sentence in the guide. “There are a few things we forgot to mention in your glossy orientation packets."
08/31/17 11:00am
Working together with Nicaraguan doctors, students provided treatment to over 1500 patients.
08/31/17 11:00am
“She is a brilliant human being. I am honored to know her. When I think about someone who has truly changed my life, I think of her.”