02/12/18 10:14pm
There is still no replacement for Banks-Crosson, but Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Hikaru Kozuma has temporarily assumed Banks-Crosson’s responsibilities.
02/12/18 6:30pm
Graduate students received permission in December 2017 from the Philadelphia National Labor Relations Board to hold an election deciding whether or not they will form a union. 
02/11/18 11:55pm
Philip J. Deloria is currently teaching a graduate seminar on Native American historiography, and will begin teaching an undergraduate introductory course on Native American studies next semester. 
02/11/18 10:33pm
“For an hour or an hour and a half, just meet some people, get your mind off school, just have some fun stabbing each other," said Wharton sophomore and club co-founder Max Norleans.
02/11/18 9:22pm
Penn's Vice Provost of Global Initiatives  Ezekiel Emmanuel will receive the one-million dollar prize at an award ceremony being held at Tel Aviv University on May 6.  
02/11/18 8:51pm
Sarah Hughes, a Penn Law Student and former Olympic skater, is in South Korea after being  nominated to the Presidential Delegation for the Winter Olympics.  
02/11/18 8:28pm
“I think it's wonderful to see the manifestation of a couple that can have fun together especially while doing academically-rigorous work," said Jennifer Beatty, a Penn graduate who knows the couple. 
02/11/18 7:52pm
A Faculty Inclusion Report reported that in 2016 women made up 18.6 percent of the Engineering faculty, but current data indicates it has dropped to 16.7 percent.
02/11/18 6:52pm
At the beginning of this month, Penn announced it would revoke the honorary degree granted to Bill Cosby, who has been accused by over 50 women of sexual misconduct.
02/11/18 6:23pm
Penn's Climate Action Plan 2.0 was enacted in 2009 to promote green living on Penn’s campus with an emphasis on climate conservation.
02/11/18 5:05pm
He will replace the university’s first woman president, Drew Gilpin Faust, who will be stepping down after 11 years, effective July 1, 2018.
02/11/18 4:47pm
“Blaze wouldn’t want us to stop because of him. He was very thoughtful,” Penn Appétit Culinary Director and College sophomore Jennifer Higa said.
02/11/18 3:44pm
In addition to the logistical changes, the food hall will boast new offerings, including a cafe, a pizza station, and a Mongolian grill — named Ivy Leaf, Pi, and Locust Wok, respectively.
02/10/18 8:56pm
While the city has yet to release official data on the crowd size, estimates suggest at least 3 million people braved the wind chills to catch a glimpse of the winning team. 
02/10/18 8:41pm
Wilson was the first woman ever to translate the entirety of Homer's "Odyssey" into English, and she received widespread acclaim for the contemporary translation.
02/09/18 6:36pm
Andrea Mitchell has a decades-long career in political journalism and in 2017 received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation.
02/09/18 5:16pm
On Jan. 30,  the concrete sign of Wynn Commons was vandalized with black paint. This comes after reports of former trustee Steve Wynn engaging in a pattern of sexual misconduct.
02/09/18 4:56pm
The celebration marked the official opening of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, but the center's "soft opening" took place in March 2017.
02/09/18 1:13pm
The club aims to help and train students to build a dog-raising community for the non-profit organization Canine Companion Independence.
02/08/18 9:21pm
Every year, the day long programming gives students a glimpse of the life they will experience on Penn’s campus in a few short months.