09/24/17 6:45pm
Socks' new puppies are just about three months old, but they're already training to take on a range of professional roles at Penn. 
09/24/17 6:15pm
A series of strong earthquakes has killed over 300 people in Central Mexico, while a hurricane in Puerto Rico has left millions without power or cell service, potentially for months. 
09/24/17 10:53am
The shutdown of a registered, philanthropic event held by the sorority Alpha Phi was an error on the part of Penn Police, said the Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush. 
09/23/17 6:32pm
ASAM Interim Director Eichiro Azuma said the College deans took months to respond to requests he had sent in April regarding the program.
09/23/17 2:47pm
Gutmann thinks Philadelphia's universities would provide "top talent, ideas and creativity" for the tech giant looking for a city to house its next headquarters. 
09/22/17 10:08am
“I’m very happy with the volume of candidates this year,” said a NEC leader. “Some of the races were very close.” 
09/22/17 9:50am
CAPS Director Bill Alexander also said there is "conceptual" talk of a wellness center that combines all of CAPS services, along with Student Health Services and other resources. 
09/21/17 8:20pm
“Moving forward the board chose a more moderate representative — that’s me,” Wharton junior Nile Nwogu  said.
09/21/17 7:38pm
The Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett said the school is currently plagued by a lack of space. 
09/21/17 7:01pm
Mayada Alhumssi, the mother of College sophomore Zubaida AlQaissi, is showcasing her paintings at the Philadelphia Folklore Project Gallery in an exhibition titled “Iraqi Songs in Color.”  
09/21/17 4:09pm
The Penn-affiliated individual exited their bathroom and discovered the suspect standing in their home. 
09/21/17 2:00pm
Any student who visits SHS is met with this question: “In the past two weeks, have you been bothered by any of the following problems: feeling down, depressed, irritable or hopeless?” 
09/20/17 11:32pm
IFC leaders said they decided to publish the attendance rates for the first time this year in order to keep the different fraternities accountable for their participation. 
09/20/17 11:04pm
“There’s a pretty clear distinction between the international foreign kids and the true foreign kids. I can’t imagine how they would feel, coming to a different country for university. I was technically coming back to a place I knew." 
09/20/17 9:54pm
“We understand that there may be a feeling that [the Event Observers] are out shutting out all the parties right now,” said Executive Director of the Office of Student Affairs Katie Bonner. “I would like to dispel that myth." 
09/20/17 9:00pm
Following student protests over a sexist email sent by off-campus organization OZ in 2016, the University set up a task force, which has just begun to implement a range of policies that have led to a widespread increase in event closures across campus.
09/20/17 8:49pm
“I sat next to sophomores, juniors and seniors and I did the same work as them, I don’t understand why they would get the credit and I wouldn't." 
09/20/17 5:08pm
Earlier this month, hackers broke into the system of credit-reporting agency Equifax and stole the private information of up to 143 million people.
09/20/17 4:17pm
United by Blue's expansion marks the latest in a string of changes to the dining scene around Penn. 
09/20/17 11:48am
2013 Penn Law School graduate Jeremy Peskin has been working with Penn students affected by DACA through his initiative Borderwise.