12/06/17 11:48am
Before, students could receive up to $72,584 in financial aid, whether they lived off campus or on campus. Now, those who live off campus can only receive up to $70,275 in financial aid — almost $2,500 less.
12/06/17 1:53am
This semester, Penn Federalist Society hosted Heather Mac Donald, a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Penn Law professor Amy Wax, who wrote that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior to others.
12/05/17 11:42pm
Trey Hollingsworth, a representative in the House, voted to pass the GOP tax bill, which calls for a $1.5 trillion tax cut along with measures to tax University endowments and graduate student tuition waivers.
12/05/17 9:11pm
Lambda Alpha Theta Latin Sorority, Inc. hosted "La Luna Ball: A Night Under the Stars" — its third annual banquet for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
12/05/17 12:50pm
“People who need kindness most are often the ones who least deserve it," said Arno Michaelis, an author, activist and former leader of a white supremacist group. 
12/04/17 9:23pm
Princeton graduate student Yeohee Im said Engineering Professor Sergio Verdu invited her over to watch a movie, during which he reached under her shirt to touch her stomach and thigh.
12/04/17 8:41pm
The course will "examine the current relationship between sports, celebrity and the power to communicate for social justice,” according to its description on PennInTouch. 
12/04/17 7:54pm
On Nov. 17, a woman affiliated with Penn reported that someone had used her credit card without permission in Rodin College House.  
12/04/17 7:46pm
There have been five student deaths at Temple University this semester.
12/04/17 7:44pm
Penn Medicine has successfully run a clinical trial transplanting diseased organs from deceased donors to healthy recipients, then curing the recipients of the disease. 
12/03/17 9:05pm
While the Panhellenic Council recently elected a successor to its first-ever vice president of diversity, the IFC has yet to introduce a diversity chair to its executive committee. 
12/03/17 8:48pm
For the first four months of school, the total of registered events increased by 65 percent, from 127 last year to 194 this year.
12/03/17 7:28pm
“Penn is a very academically-caustic environment,” College student Luis Estevez said. “Everyone here is trying to be perfect in ways that aren’t possible.” 
12/03/17 7:13pm
The group's second event of the semester follows Penn Women SPEAK's first dialogue on sexual harassment on campus and nationally.
12/03/17 6:48pm
“We try to be very up front about these things. Before we get even asked a question on tours, we outwardly mention mental health resources that are available on campus.”
12/03/17 6:34pm
On Dec. 2, the Senate passed a version of the Republican tax reform bill, marking what pundits say is the first major legislative victory of Wharton graduate Donald Trump’s presidency.
12/03/17 3:10pm
College sophomore Aleksei Kuryla said he was skeptical that removing smoker poles on campus would effectively reduce smoking among students. 
12/02/17 3:02pm
For the 2018 academic year, the Recreation Fee was eliminated and included under the General Fee category for the first time.
12/01/17 2:40pm
At least 26 bicyclists have died on Philadelphia streets since 2010.
12/01/17 2:14pm
This newfound information is anticipated to help stimulate memory and eventually restore memory in patients suffering from brain injuries or diseases such as Alzheimer's.