08/28/17 2:41pm
“Thinking of the history of activism at Penn, I think [the appointment of] the black Provost is one of those small victories that we as activists can pat ourselves on the back for doing.”  
08/28/17 10:33am
Last year, roughly 18 clubs applied for SAC recognition, but only 12 were successful. 
08/27/17 8:49pm
Last year, 180 Degrees Consulting club accepted 17 people out of the 200 applicants. That's a 8.5 percent acceptance rate, which is lower than Penn's lowest ever acceptance rate of 9.15 percent. 
08/25/17 1:01pm
The Division of Public Safety have sent nine safety alerts since the beginning of the summer.
08/25/17 7:36am
 “I took this course of action to protect Duke Chapel,” Duke President Vincent Price wrote. 
08/25/17 6:59am
The catalog is the first in a series of updates to Penn's information systems through the “Next Generation Student Systems” project. 
08/24/17 1:48pm
In June, some 10 students admitted to Harvard University had their offers rescinded for posting offensive memes in a group chat.   
08/23/17 8:07pm
Mitchell, who has been critical of the Trump administration over various issues, said the center will not be influenced by political affiliations. 
08/23/17 9:23am
The program has various interesting events but struggles to get more graduate students involved. 
08/23/17 9:17am
How to perform the first part of Penn's "work hard, play hard" mantra. 
08/23/17 7:30am
According to education site College Factual, the top five undergraduate majors come from the College, Nursing and Wharton. 
08/23/17 7:15am
Changes include a new set of guidelines designed to make recruitment more transparent.
08/23/17 7:05am
Do you know all the Trumps who went to Penn?
08/23/17 7:05am
“I only went to two events for NSO, and it was with our peer advisors and the safety conversation in Irvine. After those two I realized you didn’t really get into trouble, so I stopped going." 
08/23/17 7:00am
A look into how NSO became the six-day, jam-packed affair it is now. 
08/23/17 7:00am
Some students don't mind homework over the summer if it lightens the workload during the semester. 
08/23/17 7:00am
“At times you’ll feel homesick or slightly uncomfortable, but they’re always people and resources at campus,” College and Engineering sophomore Raj Bhuva said.
08/23/17 7:00am
“I think fraternities depend inherently on social hierarchy. It’s not like it’s intentional, it just happens. Fraternities overemphasize very conventional heteronormative masculinity.”
08/22/17 8:00pm
To mark the beginning of this fall semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian put together a series of the most interesting stories surrounding New Student Orientation. 
08/22/17 7:36pm
Penn's overall yield rate is lower than Harvard University's 84 percent and Yale University's 71.4 percent, but higher than Princeton University’s 66.6 percent and Dartmouth College's 61 percent.