09/14/17 8:56pm
"I want to encourage everyone here, whether this affects you directly or not, to show up for others; to show love and compassion because it means the world right now.”
09/14/17 8:06pm
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said it's “insensitive” to raise climate change in the immediate aftermath of deadly storms. One Penn professor replied, “I think that’s poppycock." 
09/14/17 6:54pm
“When thinking of leaders, most people only focus on presidents or the top of the ladder. I think it’s good to recognize young people that can make a difference and are less static." 
09/14/17 11:00am
DeVos' announcement came just days after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  gave Penn a failing grade for protecting due process in cases of sexual assault. 
09/14/17 9:00am
Last year, Penn’s chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and the Penn Society for International Development were denied funding for charity events. 
09/13/17 7:56pm
"A lot of universities put a lot of time and effort into freshmen, onboarding them, getting them acclimated to campus. Juniors and seniors have a lot of attention … sophomores are kind of the class that’s left behind."
09/13/17 7:52pm
“I think having to balance Penn with anything is hard, but having to balance it with being black is another level of stress on its own." 
09/13/17 7:49pm
"This is an issue that cannot be ignored. We want other campuses and places in general to learn from out example. We cannot remain silent in times like this."
09/13/17 7:05pm
GSE Professor Annie McKee writes that workplace happiness is a "human right." 
09/13/17 5:12pm
Brett Cooper, who was slated to graduate in 2018, died in his off-campus residence, the University announced in an email. 
09/12/17 6:14pm
On Aug. 31, the same top three University officials emailed about Hurricane Harvey, including many same resources and details.
09/12/17 1:26pm
In the 2017 ranking, Penn tied with Duke University for the eighth spot, but Duke dropped to No. 9 this year.
09/12/17 11:50am
“I know she’ll do an amazing job," said outgoing director Bob Schoenberg. “She has been the backbone of the operation."
09/12/17 10:00am
The University of California is the first University contesting Trump's ruling on DACA through a lawsuit. 
09/11/17 3:46pm
Last year, SAC awarded 49 percent of all requests for contingency funding. 
09/11/17 3:42pm
Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at Harvard announced last week that the club had finished its transformation into Aleph, a gender-neutral club.
09/11/17 3:00pm
"The whole purpose of a leave of absence is to put students on a path to success," said Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning Rob Nelson. 
09/11/17 2:00pm
“We’re here forever as long as we’re concerned," said Fresh Grocer store manager Dawn Goldstein.
09/11/17 9:00am
A lawyer said Penn's policies surrounding maternity leave may not seem fair, but are definitely legal. 
09/10/17 10:11pm
Winning projects included Sorty McSortface, a recycling and trash bin which automatically sorts waste and Todd: the inter-dimensional robot.