Letters to the Editor

02/28/12 9:58pm

Your Voice | Getting gun laws right

In an article on Feb. 8, Max Nachman, director of CeasefirePA, defends Philly’s Stolen Handgun Reporting Law by asserting that people selling or giving away guns illegally cannot be prosecuted.
02/27/12 11:56pm

Your Voice | Fees in Vain

At a time when students are struggling more than ever to pay their tuition, Penn, a university with the seventh largest endowment in the country (over $6 billion), enforces a late-payment policy that is as inflexible as it is unfair.
02/24/12 12:42am

Your Voice | Budgeting for improvements

The $2,000,000 that the Board of Trustees allocates each year is not the student government’s money — it’s your money.
02/24/12 12:33am

Your Voice | A message of solidarity

This threatens the hard work of student leaders at Penn to create an environment that is tolerant and accepting of students from all backgrounds.
02/22/12 9:30pm

Your Voice | Moving forward together

Things aren’t perfect for women — or for men — at Penn or in the world. But I am thrilled to be in a time and on a campus in which I, as an individual, could be elected the president of my class on a platform of inclusion and embracement of diversity.
02/22/12 12:17am

Your Voice | Varieties of feminism

Should we blame Koren for feeling uncomfortable that from day one in office, she became identified as the female that won the competitive election?
02/20/12 10:17pm

Your Voice | A Reptile -Dysfunction- Spectacular

After 124 years of producing shows, their latest — “A Reptile Dysfunction” — continues to live up to the great tradition of the notoriously wild and wacky all-male musical comedy troupe.
02/19/12 11:07pm

Your Voice | Far from an even playing field

In reaching our leadership positions on campus, we have all learned to navigate these subtle forms of gender discrimination in our daily work.
02/17/12 12:05am

Your Voice | Working for you

When the UA fails to do its job, we lose your trust. And when we lose your trust, we lose the ability to do our job.
02/15/12 9:20pm

Your Voice | Objections to Occupy Penn

Like many others, I read the guest column submitted on behalf of Occupy Penn with utter dismay.
02/15/12 12:48am

Your Voice | Fact checking BDS claims

BDS is not promoting dialogue.
02/14/12 1:28am

Your Voice | Reclaiming 'The Vagina Monologues'

The use of the vagina suit may indeed bring a small amount of shock value but in the greater service of beginning a discussion — about their vaginas and perhaps about a host of other issues.
02/14/12 1:20am

Your Voice | Questioning unfettered free speech

The Penn Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference last week was odious and Penn’s decision to host it in the name of unfettered free speech is questionable.
02/09/12 11:00pm

Your Voice | A 'chilling account' of a teen mob

I was horrified to read Brian Goldman’s chilling account of his assault at the hands of a gang of teenagers in busy and bustling Center City on a Saturday night.
02/09/12 10:16pm

Your Voice | Our Cambodian neighbors

Not far from campus are several neighborhoods that are home to the survivors of the horrific Cambodian genocide.
02/09/12 12:29am

Your Voice | BDS a ‘tool’ to challenge racial inequality

BDS is a tool that challenges racial inequality, dispossession, displacement and genocidal violence.
02/02/12 11:24pm

Your Voice | A civil discourse

It is troubling to see my own alma mater faculty is resorting to hateful discourse.
02/02/12 11:19pm

Your Voice | A letter to Penn President Amy Gutmann

I urge you to be resolute in your defense of Penn’s reputation as a place where the BDS movement’s lies and agenda will find no quarter.
02/02/12 12:22am

Your Voice | Promoting a pluralism of ideas

With no evidence whatsoever, and in direct contradiction to everything we’ve ever said or written, Gur designates our student group “genocidal” and equates our upcoming conference with Nazi anti-Semitism.
02/02/12 12:03am

Your Voice | Choosing words wisely

As scholars, we demonstrate how to carefully assess historical analogies rather than deploy them for rhetorical advantage.