Letters to the Editor

01/26/14 4:41pm

Letter to the Editor by Rabbi Joshua Bolton | The gifts we give ourselves

Our life, the beating of the heart, the joy of friendship, the peace of well-being — these are the most precious gifts. Nothing is more important than them. No exam, no recruitment, no rush, no anything is more important.
11/12/13 10:26pm

Letter to the Editor | Students' role in reaccreditation

If meaningful change is to occur, it will take the work of more than just administrators.
11/07/13 4:03pm

Letter to the Editor | To the defacers of Penn Secular Society’s poster…

I beg the defacers of Penn Secular Society’s poster to please stop.
11/07/13 3:59pm

Letter to the Editor | Misunderstanding both religion and secularism

The Penn Secular Society wants everyone to stop believing in G-d because, well, because they don’t believe in G-d.
11/05/13 1:16pm

Guest Column by the Executive Board of ASAP | A Call to Action: Collegiate ACB Must Go

Collegiate ACB perpetuates the culture of violence that ASAP, and so many other student groups and individuals, work to combat.
11/03/13 6:18pm

Letter to the Editor | Meatless Mondays In Philadelphia

Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia City Council — supported by local animal advocacy nonprofit The Humane League — passed a resolution endorsing Meatless Mondays.
10/28/13 5:38pm

Letter to the Editor | Re: SAC moratorium

SAC can either give out less money across the board or disenfranchise the many students who have no say in the matter.
10/02/13 2:38pm

Letter to the Editor | Clery Act requirements and the DPS crime log

This letter is in response to two recent articles published by the Daily Pennsylvanian (“Campus crime log disclosed minors’ identities,” 9/12/2013; “Names of arrestees not in campus crime log,” 9/27/2013) on the topic of the crime log published by the Division of Public Safety.
09/30/13 6:49pm

Letter to the Editor | Nothing to shoot about

The argument that our campus isn’t safe to the point where we should carry guns on campus is a non-issue.
09/15/13 2:17pm

Letter to the Editor | Remembering Sheldon Hackney

I knew Sheldon Hackney, the Penn history professor, and that man deserves to be celebrated unconditionally.
09/10/13 11:27pm

Letter to the Editor | Keeping Penn safe

Penn Police protects our stores, not our students.
04/04/13 2:13am

Your Voice | Questioning real and pop science

I found the DP’s fawning interview with Adrian Raine disturbing and free of the skepticism that one would think ought automatically accompany broad claims about brain chemistry and criminal behavior. It read more like a PR release than an interview from an otherwise excellent newspaper.
01/18/13 1:47am

Your Voice | Drink wisely

I read with interest about the installation of water bottle filling stations at Wharton.
12/05/12 1:59am

Your Voice | Veganism: sweeping the nation

Vegan options are everywhere nowadays as a direct result of student pressure.
12/04/12 1:56am

Your Voice | Teach for America’s forgotten Penn connection

257 corps members are students at Penn’s Graduate School of Education.
12/04/12 1:52am

Your Voice | Penn students have a hand in Kazakhstan’s public education

One of the projects at Nazarbayev University is to establish Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools all over the country.
11/29/12 1:26am

Your Voice | Toward a homeless center on campus

A center for the homeless at Penn — similar to the Hub of Hope — could be a wonderful thing both for helpers and the helped.
11/27/12 12:47am

Your Voice | Architectural ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ threatened with demolition

I was saddened, if not surprised, by the University’s plans to demolish 400 S. 40th Street in order to build apartments on the site
11/16/12 1:51am

Your Voice | Finding the right proof

This summer, Penn asked all incoming freshmen to read the play “Doubt” as part of its Year of Proof.
11/08/12 1:49am

Your Voice | Response to 'Penn Leads the (Provisional) Vote'

No one is more disappointed about this than Penn Leads the Vote.