Joke Issue 2012

Joke Issue: Jeremy Lin considered for PAACH director

The Office of the Vice Provost for University Life announced that Jeremy Lin may soon fill the vacant position of Pan-Asian American Community House director.
04/06/12 12:51am

Jim Khan | Joke issue score: 'DP' 128, readers 127

The Daily Pennsylvanian’s annual gag issue has a long history, of which another chapter has been written today.
04/06/12 12:51am

Joke Issue: Wharton kid takes himself too seriously

Huntsman Hall security escorted a Wharton freshman out of the building after he screamed “obscenities down the hall” when he was eliminated from Wharton’s annual school-wide assassins game, Hostile Takeover.
04/06/12 12:51am


Joke Issue: Major Gregory flooding goes unnoticed

After a week of dealing with the consequences of nearly a foot of flooding, residents of Gregory College House have finally received help. 04/06/12 12:50am

Joke Issue: Red and Blue’s big bubble

Yesterday afternoon, Penn Athletics Director of Facilities Noah Gustkey discovered that someone had deflated the seasonal air structure that covered the Dunning-Cohen Champions Field.
04/06/12 12:51am

Joke Issue: Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Get low? YEAH, BRO!

After publishing our first little number on grinding. — we’ve reevaluated how we stand on this mating ritual: to the front, to the back and to the side.
04/06/12 12:51am

Joke Issue: Knapp wheeling and dealing

Though it was expected that Knapp would opt for ACL and MCL reconstructive surgery after the season, the can-do senior, who led Penn to its best start in program history, decided she wasn’t ready to give up basketball just yet.
04/06/12 12:51am