Guest Columns

03/26/15 2:10am
Is this the lesson a first rate university wants to teach its students? Appearance, not merits, should dominate?
03/22/15 10:04pm

Guest column by Adam Hersh | Perpetuating exclusivity: the superfluousness of senior societies

On a regular basis this month, we’ll all get to enjoy the spectacle of well-credentialed people in silly clothes running drunkenly around campus drawing chalk symbols on whatever surface they can find.
03/22/15 10:03pm

Guest column by Cheyenne Rogers | A call to action: increased University support for low-income students

In order to become a University that is truly invested in improving the lives of its low-income students, the first step is simple: talk. The University needs a forum for discussion if we are to understand where support for low-income students is lacking and how to improve it.
03/04/15 10:27pm

Guest column by Nate Bronstein | After graduation, walk the walk

There’s something you should know about me: I believe in superheroes. When I was a kid, I used to rush home from school every day to catch the latest episode of the Super Friends — a cheesy superhero cartoon series from the 70s.
03/03/15 10:01pm

Guest Column by David Britto | Why pride isn't an admissions criteria

In her column, “Inviting Quaker pride,” two weeks ago, Dani Blum argued that Penn should continue to admit high percentages of the freshman class through the Early Decision program.
02/25/15 12:14am

Guest column by Connie Chen, Will Johnson and Thomas Lee| Five myths about fossil fuel divestment

Fossil fuel divestment is often misunderstood by opponents, so we're here to debunk common myths.
02/24/15 12:56am

Guest column by Julia Slater | More than a week for women

Sometimes it’s easy to sweep sexism under the rug. Sometimes it's easy to see it as a problem that exists elsewhere — not on college campuses, and certainly not at a place as progressive as Penn.