Greek Life

Greek week kicks off camp-themed celebrations

This year brings a significant increase to the Multicultural Greek Council's involvement in the week.
04/04/14 3:46pm

Working group to target hazing across student organizations

A new Anti-Hazing Working Group, which consists of students and staff across many areas of student life, held its third meeting on Monday.
03/25/14 1:42am

OSC investigates Theta sorority

Penn’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority is currently under investigation by the Office of Student Conduct.
03/23/14 1:15pm


Greek community honors members at awards ceremony

Representatives from the Multicultural Greek Council, the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council were all commended for their achievements at the Sheraton Hotel on 35th and Chestnut streets. 04/17/14 1:09am

SAE eliminates pledging process

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, one of Penn’s largest fraternities, has become a no pledging institution.
03/18/14 9:51am

Sara Schonfeld | Feminist fashion?

Can a sorority woman dress a certain way and still respect herself? What about a businesswoman — what does she have to wear to look professional?
02/06/14 11:54pm

Guest Column by Dylan Hewitt, Rishi Simha, Joanna Kamhi, Nicole Grabowski and Dawn Androphy | A request for respect

It sends a message to the freshmen hoping to be a part of such an organization that women are nothing more than their physique. As we know both from history and present times, it is one small leap from dehumanization to violence. That this flyer essentially depicts a woman’s butt as a prize for successful pledges only proves this point.
02/05/14 12:54am